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    Federal Government

    Good stuff!
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    Suspension Torque Specs?

    Hope this helps! I love my Bilsteins.. Shock Absorber (front lower) 103 Nm (76 lb/ft) Shock Absorber (front upper) 103 Nm (76 lb/ft) Shock Absorber (rear lower) 62 Nm (46 lb/ft) Shock Absorber (rear upper) 62 Nm (46 lb/ft) Stabilizer Bar Link Bolts 115 NM (85 lb/ft)
  3. IDPisan

    Crankcase breather mod

  4. You can hang out with me Craig, we can shoot the breeze and watch. I'm in that same boat you are with the money, but I'll still be present, watching and hangin out.
  5. Welcome Jason, Nice to have a fellow Ford guy join us. Hope to see you at an upcoming event!!
  6. IDPisan

    Gauge wiring

    This comes from Diesel Manor, hope it helps! Because the gauges need to get powered when the ignition key is on, you should use a switched ignition (keyed hot) source. A common location it to tap into the fuse box with a special fuse tap. Here we simply are using the Pink wire with Yellow trace in the “100†pin wiring harness connector. If this wire is used you should install the in-line fuse assembly that comes with your gauge kit. Here we have 2 red wires for 2 gauges that need to get powered up (a pyrometer and electric fuel pressure). These 2 red wires are terminated to a blue male spade terminal. That male spade terminal has been connected to a blue female spade terminal. A small length of red 18 gauge (AWG) wire connects that to a fuel blue fuse connector that has a 5 Amp fuse installed. The fuse connector is then connected to another blue male spade terminal with a small piece of red 18 gauge wire. That terminal is then plugged into a yellow female wire tap connector on the pink/yellow ignition wire.
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    Looks like the rods are being built by Mahle and will be forged not pmr's.
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    The lapel pins Ford workers are wearing that are working on the Scorpion. All the scorpions body parts are from the new motor.
  9. IDPisan


    400 HP 725 tourqe, not bad from a stock rig! Here is the article..... Posted by Mike Levine | September 3, 2009 Edmunds is reporting that their sources say that Ford's all-new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbocharged diesel will crank out final power ratings of 400 horsepower and 725 pounds-feet of torque. That's up considerably from today's 6.4-liter PSD that's rated at 350 hp and 650 lbs.-ft. of torque. We'd say that's amazingly close to the "more than 390 horsepower and 720 pounds-feet of torque" numbers that we told you about in July 2008, when Ford's in-house team was still tweaking with the Scorpion motor's final output figures. And we'll add this little nugget of unofficial information from our sources: No production decision has been made but we're told that there are several Ford F-150 engineering mules running with Scorpion Power Stroke motors under their hoods. It's possible that Ford's light-duty diesel program could wake from hibernation as a way to help recoup the massive investment made in the program.
  10. I can assure the membership that the 650 members we have are all actual members! When I came on board as an administrator I went through all of the members and deleted all of the "spammers" and others that were being held in limbo but were being counted as members. And thanks to the ITD staff we are keeping up on all the daily spammers, thank you very much! We have many members who do not log in for a visit very often but like an old tool in the tool box, when ya need it ya need it! And we will be here to help and to serve.
  11. ITD is offering a forum for those seeking an employee or a employer. It might be for only a day or it might be a full time position. If you need something done, the membership here at ITD is full of talented people who are willing to work! For those of you looking for employment, post up your skills! This Forum is not for any business promotions! It is intended only for those seeking and providing employment!! In these tough economic times if we can help out a ITD brother or sister lets do it!
  12. Congrats ITD we just passed the 650 member mark! Thanks to all members who continue to contribute and support your club!!! See you at the dyno!!!
  13. I posted these pics in a 6.4 thread, just didn't seem right. So we now have a new forum to discuss Fords new Superduty coming out in 2010.
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    Here is a pic of the new 6.7. From a article I was reading. Instead of using two separate sequential turbochargers like the current 6.4-liter PSD, the new Single Sequential Turbocharger places two compressors back-to-back (right side of picture in blue, representing cool intake fed air) to create a twin turbo setup in a single package. The VGT turbo still uses a variable vane setup around the turbine (left side of picture in red, representing hot exhaust) that continually change the velocity of the exhaust gas and wheel speed.
  15. Every Sunday evening 7ish to 10ish, see ya then!