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  1. cbrahs

    getting my truck back into shape

    i added ball valves to my megacab to shut coolant off to the cab. dropped the inside temp 12 degrees at a standstill in 100 degree day. just have to go to home depot and spend a few $ on brass valves and nipples. can't remember if its 5/8 or 3/4 but 3/4 is standing out in my mind more than 5/8 for some reason.
  2. cbrahs

    Otter sells out Idaho

    Didn't really know where to put this cause I am so pissed about it. got this off of DTR. I called and left a "nice" message for otter this weekend. if I disappear, the black tahoes got me lol The USA is going down fast BO is selling this country piece by piece to China. Time to wake up people before this country is owned by China! That includes you and your children will become their property too. We must Impeach this SOB traitor in the White House now before it's too late. http://www.commentsonnationalamnesia...-buying-idaho/ More Here: http://www.examiner.com/conservative...#ixzz1O1uDMAgm Call Governer Otter: 208.334.2100 to voice your outrage at this! When China comes for your state WHAT WILL YOU DO?
  3. cbrahs

    ROTM winner for 6/2011

    congrats! nice lookin set up right there
  4. cbrahs


    ^^^ maybe cause we need a 48" monitor to view the entire pic at once! LOL
  5. cbrahs


    ok im in. clothed Naked
  6. cbrahs

    my old man needs help

    Thanks Muddy for John Woods phone number. He told me to call Michael @ Alternative Injection in Nampa. Called Michael at Alt. Injection and he was super cool. $450-$500 to rebuild unless huge failure. $70 to tear down and inspect to ensure rebuildable before we get deep. 442-7880 (michael @ Alternative Injection in Nampa Phone number to keep handy. Chris
  7. crossing fingers he is still there when I move back in 3 years. would like to find something in the valley county area
  8. cbrahs

    Uh...this would suck

    that is nutty. betcha he crapped his britches on the slide down too.
  9. cbrahs

    New diesel girl

    Annie, Welcome!
  10. cbrahs

    my old man needs help

    if anyone has a good pump let me know. old man is on my tail to get him a pump but being a tight ass so looks like I will probably buy a pump. I can get a decent deal on a reman but goodness.
  11. cbrahs

    Go Kart Time!

    Scott- My lil brother has the shifter there in Donnelly. We ride it every time I am home. Thing is too fun Got a couple boxes of parts for the kids kart. axle bearing/plates, brake disc and caliper mount went back order for a few days. crossing fingers they show up this week so we can build this weekend!
  12. cbrahs

    my old man needs help

    talked to the old man last night. he did say that when they cracked the injectors, it did NOT spray violenly. just had a spray. he had to go to Boise today for something and was going to call some injection service place and see about a replacement pump.
  13. cbrahs

    Go Kart Time!

    bought the final parts today. $430 later and crossing fingers I won't need anything else (but the chain but buy it locally). will post pics of the build. going to be a great time with the boy.
  14. cbrahs

    my old man needs help

    I will call him in the morning and get the scoop on what is going on.
  15. cbrahs

    my old man needs help

    thats what I am thinking too. leaking internally. the strange thing is that the truck never even stumbled. just shut off like turning off the key. no hesitation no nothing. just OFF.