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  1. Tinman875

    brand new S X S is out

    Sorry guys, but that is bad ass lookin! I like the suspension and the HP potential. I have never been a cat fan ( cept for ones in petes...) but bieng an ol duner i likey!! I have a friend that has a rzr s and i admit to it bieng hard to exit with the cab on, but with out its ok. Not a power house, but suprises me in the technical stuff. :ok: from me.
  2. Tinman875

    Going to buy a ford

    when i went from the "quad cab" to a full crew i was like why haven't i had one of these all along?
  3. Tinman875

    Ram Trucks

    Well i think the dodge commercial is gay... let me think hasn't international been around in big equipment(tractors,harvesters,trucks) for about as long? Not sure on the history exactly. Oh and cummis is suckin hind tit big time now out of the box..I'd still have my dodge chummins IF it didn't leave me stranded 2200 miles away! And cummins wouldn't warranty it with only 60k on it! I love my FORD most comfortable truck i've owned...But the truth is, I just love diesels from the Jetta TDI to a long hood PETE! Got rid of the chummins cause they pissed me off. Just remember if the door jam has a canadian sticker, good bye warranty!
  4. Tinman875

    2 word post thread.

    praise jesus!
  5. Tinman875

    New diesel girl

  6. Tinman875

    42 midgets

  7. Tinman875

    2 word post thread.

  8. Tinman875

    Guess who this is

    does the guy in those photos have an exceptionally bushy beard now??
  9. Tinman875

    2 word post thread.

    lower hole
  10. Tinman875

    Mud bogg vid

    and he got the best economy doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Tinman875

    2 word post thread.

    get hose
  12. Tinman875

    Slow Cranking Issue Solved...

    good info
  13. Tinman875

    New to ID

  14. Tinman875

    2 word post thread.

    good time
  15. Tinman875

    2 word post thread.

    cummins cracks