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  1. No where in here did you say you put a 3,200 spring in and now you tell us. Good luck, maybe somebody else here will help, I'm outa here.
  2. If you took the top cover off you have more problems than just a screw. Take cover back off.
  3. Yep! You have been messing with something other than the aneroid. Good Luck.
  4. DieselPro

    bad fuel leak

    usually it's the advance cover O'ring or worst case the head O'ring.
  5. It goes into the fuel system of the pump and has an O'ring inside the housing. O'ring goes bad and then you have fuel leaking out the vent under the diaphragm.
  6. Hi Y'all! 6LCummins sent me to the rescue. O.k. Several things could have happened and you can check them off. 1. When you pulled the pin out the small pin in the bottom retracted into the housing and is now stuck.. (Bad) Cuts fuel way back. 2. When you reinstalled the pin the small pin won't retract and it's stuck under fuel pin in some position. Other words the thing didn't go all the way down. I have on some pumps had to grind a taper on the bottom so the pin so it would go all the way down past the small pin. 3. You rotated the pin when you installed it and now it's on the ramp in a place which holds the fuel back. You did know you can rotate the diaphragm assembly to change the fueling characteristics, Right? Rotate it back to were the small pin on the bottom has been rubbing on it. It'll have wear marks on it. 4. I think others have covered hole in the diaphragm and hose off intake to aneroid. Hope this helps. Sorry if I repeated suggestions from other knowledgeable members. Had to list everything.