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  1. Vengeance

    Tuner upgrade???

    If you want custom tunes on the evo, call Bill www.powerhungryperformance.com
  2. Vengeance

    4" Diamond Eye Turbo back

    Who is the gay looking dude with the Fu? Bet he drives a duracrap
  3. Vengeance

    Luke Cleins new hot rod.

    Sold his OBS to his brother, we will be at the track this weekend, we hope to get it dialed in and see what its got.
  4. Vengeance

    Welcome Vengeance

    Give me a call, be happy to talk with ya about it.
  5. Vengeance

    Welcome Vengeance

    Thanks for the kind words and for the welcome, looks like fun around here. Hope to make it up to ya'lls part of the country sometime!
  6. Vengeance

    IBF Kicks AZZ at Powerlabs!!

    Hey guys, looks like it was a good day for the diesels! Powertrip would have fared better if he would have had some boost leaks taken care of, next time he'll be ready. Never know, may have to make a trip up north and get his rig dialed in. BTW thanks for the invite over Jer.