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  1. Tranny go boom

    when you love your baby, none other can satisfy.
  2. 6.4L piston

    holy sheep sht. that is a queer one...........
  3. Tranny go boom

    torture for sure. sucks when you are without your main rig.....
  4. Tranny go boom

    indeed well worth doing the billit input. should hold for your future plans
  5. wow. amazing. the group photo from the last event, new color and logo display. awesome look. thank you mikey
  6. decembers meet will be at a new location in caldwell. actually one we used before. wed dec 20th at 6:45 pm. mr v's in caldwell idaho. we will have the big meeting room to ourselves. lets plan on a good time as always. a few events are coming up which we will finalize at the meeting. soon, a bomb fire and potluck, and for those whoo can camp we will do that as well. much more to come
  7. Track Bar

    source automotive , clackamas oregon http://sourceautomotive.biz/injectors-2.aspx is where i always get these luke's links from
  8. Track Bar

    bigger aint always better. indeed hang onto them stock bars. i had some which i shared with idaho turbo diesels members. i believe i am out of those. i try to keep treasures on hand. a guy cant have enough truckpparts on hand. one never knoiws when he will find a use for something good :)
  9. Redneck campground

    heckyeah that be sweeet
  10. Track Bar

    a lesson for all. hang on to your old original style track bars. if you do not want them send em my way. i save for those members who need to use for the lukes link. lukes wont work on the moog for example. just a fyi for those who can use that info...
  11. Track Bar

    indeed, lukes link for a factory or factory style bar seemes to be best choice for the buck
  12. Stupid people?!

    wow. stupidity breeds unfortunately. i know people who would do that. they are not people i associate with by choice im not for safety inspections due to it is a money grab and they would surely regulate too far. ie, lackof mufflers. bumper height bullsht. small crack on rt top corner of windsheild that doesnt block vision. etc etc. dont californicate idaho. but yes, idiots need to be taken out back and given a talking to. inspections may not have caught this example you show, depending on which week or month inspections take place. to be absolutely safe from these idiots monthly inspections are needed which would inconvenience and financialy burden the rest of us who spend every available dollar on keeping our trucks running. yup, aint seen one that bad .
  13. Redneck campground

    firepit and wood in place. need to finish the lean-to shelter and get the lpg kegorator in place planting some trees. you got a bit of a jump on me there............
  14. Special Ed?!?!

    wow, metric alternative. what a pita.
  15. happy thanksgiving 2017

    happy thanksgiving guys and gals. i would not be able to list everything i am thanful for. however i will say im thankful for all you guys and gals. thank you for being here and participating on the forum and making the club what it is today. it has been a great 16 years for sure thank you for being here!
  16. happy thanksgiving 2017

    lmfwao i believe you are thinking with reality
  17. happy thanksgiving 2017

    hell, load that outfit up and come visit and drink beer could use that splitter here for a few hrs.
  18. Special Ed?!?!

    WTH! specialized hardware. what the heck is that on?
  19. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    wow! funny sht shows good site management on your part. you got your stuff together
  20. 94 6.5L Turbo, RPM surges???

    good morn! glad to see you on. hopefully someone will pipe in with some solutions.
  21. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    they do not twiddle their thumbs for sure.
  22. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    well worth switching. G's old toshiba, mike place linux on and i am learning. change sucks, yes.... but at the same time my other laptop has windows 10. hate it. i use the linux for most of my 'surfing' here and there as i know thsat even looking at a thread on cummins forum left my windows 10 with a fkn zuess virus i know that if i wanted tgo look at midget porn, the linux would be safe while the windows unit will pick up many virus'.
  23. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    im gathering wood for an upcoming itd camp and bomb fire. be advised all this will be the mother of all camp fires photos to come
  24. Chevy's weak wheels

    i am a believer in sticking with stock, or near stock offsets. the first 2nd gen i had, i used my white spokers from my first gen. nfw! 4 wheelin with the windows down in the mud? well there is a reason they call me muddy. from then on my 2nd and 3rd gens utilized the stock wheels. indeed, i wonder why the engineers do not build aftermarket pickup wheels for adequate strength. too many shortcuts are being made.
  25. Tranny go boom

    dang keep us posted.