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  1. Dash cams

    good idea to have in these weirdtimes we live in. one needs to document to prove innocence some times. in addition summer time scantily clad scenery wont have a clue you are adding to your photo collection......... ( . ) ( . )
  2. Bug a salt rifle

    hell yeah @Muddys_Viagra tis the season........ and it be a lot of fun and we can hone our skills
  3. Air Cooled Hemi...

    sucks. hoping a reliable alternative engine for fiat pickups for those wanting to avoid the emissions issues found with newer diesel pickups too bad the hemi failed to be a wise alternative........
  4. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    wow. scary deal. seems dell has had issues for years
  5. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    good deal. gotta get some. at least price is coming down
  6. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    bet more follow in time
  7. Change the turbo oil please...

    wow, have not seen that happen that bad before
  8. Fuel filter relocation

    still looking trevor. however i can find the parts # for thehead. sad how many of my notes are hiding from me. filter head fit fine over on drivers side over fender swell.
  9. thankfully i have jugs in addition to my wifes jugs and i have catalytic in addition to the wife's heater. [ive no need to use furnace] water and heat no issue in our rv. we be planning on usuing soon
  10. been proposed, a fall camp trip @ valley of the big smoke. this is to be discussed at tomorrow's meet
  11. no issues with my rv. it is ready to go. full of wtr and can dump of it turns to the single digets. if it gets really cold then i can sumply utilize my water jugs and not need to heat the rv except when i am inside of it perhaps a tent abd a propane heater for you mikey
  12. looks good. a few shadows perhaps no biggies as the either way them pics look cool....... a little haze is good sometimes................. only way the camera lens didnt break
  13. most excellent time. dang good fun. met down the river 10'ish and had a good visit and got the rigs lined up for photos. 7 in attendance at the photo shoot and then to the bbq. where we had a total of a total of 12 in attendance even tho some where so late it seemed as though we ate in shifts. dam good brisket and pola asada and carb free tater salad, beans ,and beer, and...lotsa good stuff... thanks to @Muddys_Viagra.. and open carry day with most participating anyway, great time. congrats to the 5 prize winners at the event as well.thanks for coming. we will do this again. more to be discussed.
  14. Tow Pig Project

    lots better to put some $ into an earlier truck like the obs then make monster payments and suffer the questionable reliability like the newer ones.
  15. remeember, fall camp trip to be discussed at the meeting. tomorrow is the big day for the meeting and pic event and BBQ cya all there at the site
  16. well, wanna bet a nickle on that mark? you'd loose. well, what do we have for prizes? hmmmmm lets look below. it appears we have enough prizes so everyone who has rsv p'eed will be wearing an IDAHO TURBO DIESELS hat. lesse, we have mark. and G got to her tablet this morn and rsv p'eed. then we have fugly old muddy who wont be as fugly wearing his new itd hat congrats to you two and congrats to me
  17. doing a drawing for those who rsvp'ed for the meet.
  18. Tow Pig Project

    reverse shackle kit well worth it. i hated how those years had shackle in front and anchor in back. one of my 3 f-350s seemed to like to exhibit death wobble. yep, track bar. but with rsk one may not need to use the track bar? the rear anchor point brings out the issue. unwise design by some years of fords and jeeps. early 60's power wagons as well.
  19. silent bunch. got response by making phone calls. why are the rest of you gents so quiet.? @Muddys_Viagra click the rsvp we have 3 from here attending. oldest son from mnt home is arriving. c'mon folks! hit the fkn reply button
  20. Here is a convenient clicker for ya
  21. got one off my 97 F350. about 8,000 miles on it hwy driving 99.9% of the time. (photo is my 95 which was similar) lets talk!
  22. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    i dont drive to parma to look at scenery mikey too many undesireables to view before getting a glimpse of something pleasing. so what do you call pretty women in parma??????
  23. lookin fwd to seein ya when ya get here mike looking fwd to the event this weekend. i know the silent ones at the meeting rsvo'ed already so if some of the rest of you can rsvp our hosts will appreciated.
  24. from the red dot on the map proceed to the staging area by the river towards the west. we shall be waiting enjoying coffee and a bloody mary.........