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  1. glad to hear it is working. hopefully it will cure quick enough and all will hold together as planned.
  2. thank you mark for taking on the moderator position and handling the f-book as well. it would be great to spray a bit of #2 on the coals and get er to take off again.
  3. .
  4. June 09, 2016 - Software release Smarty UDC Pro RT: Added 5.9L VP and 6.7L from 2007.5 to 2009 and revised 5.9L CR and 6.7L from 2010 - 2012 parameters. MM3 and Smarty Touch: Added UDC Pro RT for 5.9L VP and 6.7L from 2007.5 to 2009, corrected Transmission Temp PIDs for 6.7L 2010+, startup improvement and minor bug fixes.
  5. same place, same time. 6:30 @ alejandras please rsvp
  6. meeting is 24 hrs from now @Dieselshu ? @idmooseman ?
  7. @Muddys_Viagra @idmooseman
  8. @LITTLE CHARLIE @4Play @big fat billy
  9. @little--charlie @wonton
  10. @MarineOne @LCACN @hbowers
  11. @marsingbob @mopar1973man
  12. this week, Wednesday is the day RSVP on this thread for a comfy chair
  13. please share your knowledge on the pro's and cons! these have changed from the ones I am used to. a few decades of change makes a difference
  14. ill keep an eye out
  15. until
    3'rd Wed of May is Wed May 17th. Meet @ 6:30 pm at the same place which is alejandras in wilder. please rsvp!
  16. wow. beats yours for certain. amazing! reminder to see if MV can get that vid of yours on a you tube account.
  17. coming up soon, 3rd wed of may. wed may 17th 6.30 log in so you can view the discussion thread also the bomb / wrench event was a success. even had members drive from central wash to attend. club off road adventures were also a success. log in to view those as well. more pics to come. also please rsvp to the dinner meet. we have our own meeting room there which is awesome. quiet and roomy. we need a guesstimate so we can set up tables.