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  1. Soon to be 15 years as a club. Idaho Turbo Diesels has been going strong since early 2002. Wrench party events. aka bomb parties. dyno days. camp trips and off road adventures. 4wd and utv and atv. shooting events. in addition we just had an anniversary for our website. December 6th of 2016 marks our 10 year anniversary of our website, which went on the air dec 6 2006. register and log on to be able to view all of the forum! our first wrench party event was in june of 2002 in Nampa Idaho. soon to be 15 years since the club was organized. our organization is for all diesel owners or for all interested in diesels. we have dodge cummins , chevy duramax, and ford powerstroke along with import diesels and other interesting conversions. we even have non diesel owners participate in our events, shooting and off road and camping. an enjoyable 15 years with the Idaho turbo diesels club. thank you to all who make it happen!
  2. coming up on the 16th. idaho turbo diesels monthly dinner meet the 3rd wed of the month which is wed the 16th. same place, the big meeting room at alejandras.
  3. re-joined from Twin Falls

    merged for ya wayne. hope that is what ya wanted. please confirm email.
  4. re-joined from Twin Falls

    hi wayne. great to have you back on. looking fwd to all your postings. i will see what i can do on merging.
  5. New guy

    glad you are here on the forum. i look fwd to your posts...... also hope to meet up at a dinner meet. we have these the third wed of each month which reminds me i need to put up a thread on the august meet :thumbup: welcome to idaho turbo diesels !
  6. just letting everybody know that we now have a donation plugin to allow the club members to donate to assist with site maintainance, upgrades, and server and domain renewls. you can see the donation tab up above. we have received a few donations so far. to those who have helped with the site, thank you! the new version of the site is up and going, thanks to mikey. it has a bunch of features as well. thanks guys and gals
  7. In the United States, outdoor target shooting has been suspected as the source of numerous wildland fires1,2. Anecdotally, the ammunition involved in most incidents is thought to be of ordinary commercial varieties with bullets composed of inert materials including lead, steel, and copper. No scientific studies have specifically addressed projectile behavior or properties related to ignition of wildland vegetation or organic material. Thus, the primary focus of this study is whether inert projectiles fired from commonly available modern rifles can cause ignition of wildland vegetal matter. The possible mechanism by which inert projectiles could cause ignitions involves the conversion of kinetic energy to thermal energy at impact with a solid object or target. Kinetic energy is proportional to the product of an object’s mass and square of velocity, which is well known for the vast variety of cartridges available for modern firearms. In general, pistol cartridges are designed to propel a bullet much slower with less energy than rifle cartridges. Rifle bullets should thus be the most likely to have sufficient energy for ignition, provided some amount of that energy is converted to heat after impact. Table 1 indicates approximate muzzle energy for a variety of different cartridges. Ballistic impact has been researched extensively but has been directed principally toward understanding penetration or perforation of target materials. For a particular target, projectiles of a given speed will perforate it at higher angles (closer to normal) and ricochet at lower angles (more oblique) (Johnson and others 1982,
  8. indeed finding chrome to be much better than iE now. in fact some websites, with using IE and doing a post, the ''enter'' button does not work. weird stuff.
  9. A new injector seller?

    another interesting thread on CR injectors
  10. sweet! it is great one can search for the equipment and specifications your dodge cummins ram truck came with
  11. coming up is our july meet. wed july 19th at 6.30 pm @ alejandras. wilder great place for the meet as we have our own ''quiet'' meeting room large enough for our groups. we range in attendance from a dozen to 25 people normally and the room is perfect and the food is normally good. cya wed the 19th
  12. looking like a camp trip
  13. great time with a good turnout except we about ran out of seating. the big room had a weak a/c and that needs fixed so we used the main dining room and grouped a few tables together. seating worked out and food was good and we had a good time visiting with all you good people made a plan for a future itd camp trip at an undisclosed location. to be discussed in detail at upcoming idaho turbo diesels dinner meet.
  14. Air Cooled Hemi...

    OUCH!!! i believe i will pass on the hemi. sad occurance i did not expect this.........
  15. today is the day cya in a few hours
  16. A new injector seller?

    I will share more on the doc p fiasco later. I just wanted to share this: yep, one must study and learn before making the purchase of something as important as injectors. and that goes extra for CR injectors due to the many complications of their function.for a worthwhile read check out this thread: many dishonest vendors are out there. also there are many who purchase uneducated or they shop by price alone. a mistake as this 03 guy finds out. follow this thread along and see how this vendor buries himself. thankfully some out there have some education and experience and will share. buyer beware. ask for specifics and educate yourself before writing a check!
  17. A new injector seller?

    yes I can tell you about doc p and his products and way of doing business. I had purchased from him in the 90's for my vp truck. from what I learned back then he is a crook. do a search on TDR for dr performance. pretty bad rep as being dishonest. now CR injectors? I would love to see his work. if they are anything like what he offered for vp trucks back in the day and tried to offer for early CR trucks, and with his lying tactics, I would bet big bucks that these are a failure as well. I will offer more input on this soon. buyer beware!
  18. Sub compact tractor

    was a good naturally aspirated powerplant but was in the inferior Polaris platform. a lot of guys had success adding a turbo. however the last couple yrs poolarrass chose to switch to a dam china diesel, I believe it is ''cherry''. if I remember the cherry gasser engine from china is the engine artic cat is now using in the wildcat. put the yanmar in a Yamaha Viking and I would be interested.
  19. one week from tomorrow is the 3rd wed of july which is wed, july 19th.
  20. Tow Pig Project

    if you guys hear of someone needing some 4 inch lift springs I had on my 97 obs let me know. has 8,000 miles on em. springs shocks and hardware.
  21. Sub compact tractor

    yanmar has or had a good rep. anything from small tractors, side x side Polaris rangers had em, and boats. a friend has two of those on his boat and they have done good service for him.
  22. same place, same time. 6:30 @ alejandras please rsvp