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  1. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

    today is the day. cya in a few hrs
  2. every 3rd wednesday of each month. meeting at a new location. in march.
  3. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

    well tomorrow is wednesday log in to view........
  4. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

    time for the march idaho turbo diesels event is here dang near log in to view........
  5. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

    coming up quick, this coming wed at the new location log in to view details and directions
  6. 1995 2500 fuel filter number

    by that i mean i jotted the numbers on the storeroom wall. i gotta remeber to jot em down.....
  7. 1995 2500 fuel filter number

    the writing is on the wall
  8. idaho turbo diesels BOMB fire event is almost upon us camping is optional. we do havea fair amount of wood. pic to be posted. however if you have some more junk wood, old pallets, etc, feel free to bring a s well.
  9. i removed the front sway bar on my 98.5 to increase articulation and did not really notice any diminishment of highway handling but i sure did notice when i removed the rear then threw the cabover back on. rear sway bar made a difference with a high profile load.
  10. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

    idaho turbo diesels new meeting location is now set in stone. log in to read the details of the upcoming events:
  11. upcoming idaho turbo diesels meets

    idaho turbo diesels dinner meet location is set in stone
  12. it has been decided that some changes will be made regarding our upcoming events....... log in, click, then scroll down for more info. http://idahoturbodiesels.com/topic/11339-idaho-turbo-diesels-dinner-meets-upcoming-changes-now/
  13. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

    log in to view event details:
  14. membership at tonites meet voted to have another one, so we gonna do it http://idahoturbodiesels.com/topic/11339-idaho-turbo-diesels-dinner-meets-upcoming-changes-now/
  15. was a fkn awesome event. good turnout. a lot of plans made. gonna be a few changes in the works which you can read about here: thank you all for attending. it was great to have our new members and great to see all of you guys and gals again. the event you all requested is in the works. for info on that event and the upcoming changes have a look at this link after logging in: cya all soon
  16. wed feb 21'st, this coming wednesday. same place same time. 6.30 alejandras for this coming weekend check out the bomb fire threads as well.
  17. 7 hours from now. 6:00 pm in the lot and 6:30 ish inside.
  18. the weekend BOMB fire event was a great success. 11 in attendance. good food. and indeed a good time with friends. was the mother of all idaho turbo diesels BOMB fires. working to plan another event at the meeting. meeting tomorrow nite, wednesday feb 21'st. pic of our weekend bomb fire. indeed was some BTU's produced.
  19. the rest of the photos for the idaho turbo diesels "Mother of all BOMB Fires" shall be postd at :
  20. was a great time. 11 guys and gals made the trip for a good time. perhaps the biggest fire i have attended that was not accidently or naturally caused. photos posted on link
  21. the time for the mother of all idaho turbo diesels bomb fire is now upon us see ya here:
  22. 6.4L Ford owner complained about low power

    @IDMooseMan craigs OBS is a hard one to beat. the newer versions do not excite me like the old ones. and the later ones worry me too much to invest in.
  23. 6.4L Ford owner complained about low power

    id hate to have to pull the cab off my ford to remedy that issue condolences to those poor gents.