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  1. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    wow! funny sht shows good site management on your part. you got your stuff together
  2. 94 6.5L Turbo, RPM surges???

    good morn! glad to see you on. hopefully someone will pipe in with some solutions.
  3. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    they do not twiddle their thumbs for sure.
  4. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    well worth switching. G's old toshiba, mike place linux on and i am learning. change sucks, yes.... but at the same time my other laptop has windows 10. hate it. i use the linux for most of my 'surfing' here and there as i know thsat even looking at a thread on cummins forum left my windows 10 with a fkn zuess virus i know that if i wanted tgo look at midget porn, the linux would be safe while the windows unit will pick up many virus'.
  5. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    im gathering wood for an upcoming itd camp and bomb fire. be advised all this will be the mother of all camp fires photos to come
  6. Chevy's weak wheels

    i am a believer in sticking with stock, or near stock offsets. the first 2nd gen i had, i used my white spokers from my first gen. nfw! 4 wheelin with the windows down in the mud? well there is a reason they call me muddy. from then on my 2nd and 3rd gens utilized the stock wheels. indeed, i wonder why the engineers do not build aftermarket pickup wheels for adequate strength. too many shortcuts are being made.
  7. Tranny go boom

    dang keep us posted.
  8. indeed. josh and his lovely wife. josh has a real nice 6.5 hopefully josh will share some postings here.
  9. good turnout. good time. was wondefful to visit with you all again and was awesome to have our new members look forward to your postings. unsure on future meeting location at this time. a few outings are in the works.
  10. also lets try to park together. whose gonna be firsst on site?
  12. cya in a few hrs. dont forget new location @marsingbob
  13. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    im ready to pack mine up and head up to the snow to play. whats wrong with you mike?
  14. Chevy's weak wheels

    impact id bet. just a half ton but design loooks barely enough strength for the weight of a 1/2 ton. thankfully their HD wheels are substantial. i remember a member with a 1st gen a decade ago had an aluminum wheel collapse on him on the freeway with a trailer. couldve been bad. looking at some of these aftermarkets one wonders what the designer was thinking. and why do folks purchase such wheels. GM hd guys with aluminum 16 inchers, the pretty ones from 02 ish up thru 2010 ish, avoid those as the romanian built wheels would crack and leak just like the 00 thru 02 dodge wheels. 3rd gen and later gm factory aluminums seem to hold up well.