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  1. the weekend BOMB fire event was a great success. 11 in attendance. good food. and indeed a good time with friends. was the mother of all idaho turbo diesels BOMB fires. working to plan another event at the meeting. meeting tomorrow nite, wednesday feb 21'st. pic of our weekend bomb fire. indeed was some BTU's produced.
  2. the rest of the photos for the idaho turbo diesels "Mother of all BOMB Fires" shall be postd at :
  3. was a great time. 11 guys and gals made the trip for a good time. perhaps the biggest fire i have attended that was not accidently or naturally caused. photos posted on link
  4. the time for the mother of all idaho turbo diesels bomb fire is now upon us see ya here:
  5. wed feb 21'st, this coming wednesday. same place same time. 6.30 alejandras for this coming weekend check out the bomb fire threads as well.
  6. 6.4L Ford owner complained about low power

    @IDMooseMan craigs OBS is a hard one to beat. the newer versions do not excite me like the old ones. and the later ones worry me too much to invest in.
  7. 6.4L Ford owner complained about low power

    id hate to have to pull the cab off my ford to remedy that issue condolences to those poor gents.
  8. U Joints

    glad ya arent layin on the snow in the side of the road fixing that bugger.
  9. Geez... Spendy bushings

    ouch, dont look like they made of gold....
  10. 2018 Sierra 110 miles had a rattle then quit...

    wonder what the cause was there. newest gen 5.3's/6.2's have had a great reputation so far. 5 years in production and they had the new gen 6.2 out earlier in the cars.
  11. if anyone wants to add to the pile that would be cool. just old junk wood. not wanting you to bring your stove wood. we do have another pile we can add but more is better for the mother of all bomb fires. this pile should help a tad, dont ya think?
  12. gathering more so we can have the mother of all BOMB fires