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  1. ok, which of you lucky gents is gonna jump at this chance? wish i could......
  2. My View Of Computers...

    im learning it. and im a tard. it will take a while i reckon. thankfully i can visit my favorite eskimo midget albino porn sites with no worries
  3. im certainly done buying new ones taint worth it. nfw!
  4. Fuel filter relocation

  5. Fuel filter relocation

    my 97 has the primeloc. was awesome as a spin on off a 96 is used in an easy to reach location. there is a bttr idea. one of my n.a.p.a. filter heads under the hood. way easy to change. wish i had a pic of harolds 97.
  6. perhaps i shouldve added water and they wouldve lasted longe
  7. for a 2wd dually that sits 3 weeks at a time in the winter without any trickle charge i thought it pretty dam good. if i had a wood stove in that garage or lpg htr to warm it up the 11 yo optimas would still be in the truck. guess i shouldve put emback in for spring summer and fall to make the 15 years and keep em warm and trickl charged as well to gain battery life. it was awesome as i NEVER had to clean cables in those 11 yrs. not 1 single time i replaced them red tops with optima yellow tops and i run bigger version, the group 31 in the rv. 6 of them big bastards in there
  8. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    not ready for another bad winter. im gettin too old for this sht. lots to do in the meanwhile. @Muddys_Viagra bout time for them new 35 inch mud tires you were gonna get me. dont forget i buy in sets of 6 for my 2 matching spares. thankfully we only need one set for this winter. @LCACN has them cooper ST MAX traction tires in my desired size in stock. lemmeno when to go get em..
  9. Eco Boost V6

    05 a good yeaar and low miles as well. hope they can jew. one would find lower prices thru a private party but that is one sweet rig and the low miles are a plus. mine was just like that one and when i had it, that hoe was the one that seemed to be the truck that grabbed the keys to when going someplace i didnt need to tow a big trailer. was a sweet rig for us and the wife got 18 + driving it to work when she took it. 20 mpg for me in my travels. comfy ride as well. indeed a cowboy caddilac.
  10. well, maybe for those of unclean minds unlike my mind full of pure thoughts...... here is the deal. next month, a special dinner meet. well, ok, a lunch meett. on the last day of the first october week instead of the 3rd wed of oct. hope to see @millco and crew make the drive. should hope to see all you guys and gals attend. this one is a bbq so bring your slab of beef or your weiners and a side dish. bring your trucks as well as we have a place set up for photos that will be placed real cool like on the site. event to be posted on it's own thread soon.
  11. emissions compliant thru 99. hmmmmm. if i had that and a nv4500 and an atlas and a couple of dana 60's and a97-99 TJ...............
  12. Eco Boost V6

    yup. at least a burb or hoe one wouldnt be afraid to be seen in
  13. great time. thnk u to all who attended. lot discussed. made some plans. get ready to grab your meat..............
  14. today is the day gents and ladies. cya in a few hrs
  15. 86 F350

    welcome to idaho turbo diesels mike. the gent mike is looking to visit with is the gent who i remember being a teacher from mnt home. my memory is as short as my, uh, nose, but i believe i have his cell or what was his cell # some time back. ill charge up my old flip phone. i hate to admit a memory issue with names. if i can find old dyno photos i can let the dyno results board jog my memory. if not, i know someone local who is will remember and whom i believe knows the mnt home gentleman with the boss brown 86.......