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Status Updates posted by MUDDY

  1. trevor,


    please PM "muddy's viagra" and send her your mailing addy.


    got something important she needs to send you :)


    RamThisCummins's Avatar
    1. MUDDY


      certainly some strange things are occurring with the posting

  3. lunch with mike and vince in meridian tomorrow/Friday :cheers:

    Charlie probably as well


    1. IDMooseMan


      Sounds good. Susi caught the flu, and is currently sleeping on the couch. Rather than play "Vehicular musical chairs," I'm just going to drive the car tonight. It's easier that way.

      See you guys in a couple of hours.

  4. Glad you are here. Welcome!


    1. idahostat


      Hello Muddy

      Just checking the calendar for events other than birthdays. I see the next meeting will be on the third Wednesday of September 21. At the location in Caldwell.

      If I can make it I will introduce myself.


    2. MUDDY


      still doing the meets in the new caldwell location. hope to see you the 3rd wednesday of october :cheers:


  5. hey Devon, awesome to see you here! Welcome to Idaho turbo diesels. I look fwd to your postings.


  6. time for another, eh mike?

  7. hi mike! glad that you are involved with Idaho turbo diesels.

    thank you for demonstrating all the machine at the demo days.

    we all look fwd to upcoming events.

  8. Source automotive :thumbup:

    Give me a shout.

  9. sure can :cheer:

    keep in mind it doesnt come up in new serach so ya need to go there daily. look fwd to your postings :ok:

  10. good to have ya in the club. :cheer:

    dang, nice 1st gen :cummins:

  11. i use 2 stroke oil in all of mine. common rail i use a lesser dosage than i do vp44 trucks or 12 valves. in any of them you would be safe at half an ouce per gallon. :ok:

  12. glad ya are in the club :cheer:

  13. look fwd to visiting at an event soon :cheer:

  14. welcome to the club