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  1. thank you mark for taking on the moderator position and handling the f-book as well. it would be great to spray a bit of #2 on the coals and get er to take off again.
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  3. June 09, 2016 - Software release Smarty UDC Pro RT: Added 5.9L VP and 6.7L from 2007.5 to 2009 and revised 5.9L CR and 6.7L from 2010 - 2012 parameters. MM3 and Smarty Touch: Added UDC Pro RT for 5.9L VP and 6.7L from 2007.5 to 2009, corrected Transmission Temp PIDs for 6.7L 2010+, startup improvement and minor bug fixes.
  4. meeting is 24 hrs from now @Dieselshu ? @idmooseman ?
  5. @LITTLE CHARLIE @4Play @big fat billy
  6. this week, Wednesday is the day RSVP on this thread for a comfy chair