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  1. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    heres what i think, it is just this one model of dump that is bad design. unsure on other big tex models of the same width but it appears they try to use a policy of one part fits all. one axle width for different frame widths which places the hanger off to the side causing it to tweak. i pulled empty into town carefully to return it. parking into the lot caused the opposite side to tweak worse. wish i got a pic. is really ugly. i looked at a 10k LX dump and it was made much stronger with hangers in place where they should be. no comparison in quality. a new 70sr arrived into the lot and i raised the bed and although no tweaking it's mounts were also not dead center under the frame. avoid the big tex 70 sr anyone who is seeking a small dump trailer. step up to a 10 LX which also offers a scissor hoist vs the single ram. manufacturing plants are indeed suffering with the poor quality offered by most of their millenial workers and that is a fact stated by big tex's warranty manager.. sad............
  2. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    progress. ill tel the rest when complete. all i got to say is james at american trailer sales in boise is a stand up guy. he went to bat for me with big tex at the tx HQ. in addition big tex is willing to make things right. how i proceed tomorrow is up in the air. but today james asked me to bring the trailer. i decided to pull it empty down the highway. when i parked in the lot i see even the other side tweaked and collapesd. thankfully i noticed and made the correct move as id hate to be broken on the side of the rd with a load in the middle of nowhere. i have some reasonable options with big tex purchasing this junk back at full price paid. they offered the same model to me swap straight accross. however i raised the bed and the hangers are a design flaw as the axle width of the 70 sr does not match frame width. really? all the current 70sr's should be scrapped. i looked at a 10LX and 14 LX and those actually had the hangers proper under the frame.however paying boot hurts. the 14k 8x14 deck over dump with folding sides, hmmmm. even more boot. thoughts?
  3. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    idaho turbo diesels member @Peter C used to haul for big tex. he mentions that james is real anal about the product coming onto his boise lot. mine came from his caldwell lot. pete tells me james is particular on customer satisfaction and does not tolerate faulty product, and runs a good business so i am confident in a quick resolution to this serious, which shows to be a dangerous issue. much worse than a minor inconvenience...........
  4. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    did i mention this big tex trailer still goes down the rd crooked? it did brand new as well. i suppose after looking at the mounting points that explains why.
  5. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    when i first bought this big tex dump trailer there was one bolt and no nut when 2 bolts and 2 nuts are required. they put 2 bolts in as the one bolt with no nut fell out quick and the lite was dangling on a wire. now when i change plates i need to find someone younger to crawl under the trailer in the dirt or snow or mud and loosen the license plate light to make it where i can change the plate, then re tighten. a nit pick thing perhaps but big tex needs to do manufacturing a bit better jog of correcting their poor quality control. i would hope the next big tex trailer is of better quality. hopefully american sells other brands of dump trailer.
  6. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    hanger barely under the frame \ unsure why the photo issue. you can see that the hanger is barely under the frame. nothing to support the weight. the first time i load up to its rated gvw it will be sitting on the ground. i am not happy with the poor quality of my new big tex trailer.
  7. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    at least the dealer has a bunch of heavy duty flatbeds big enuff to haul if they dont own a rollback. i hate yahoo email. cant get the dang pics to work.
  8. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    trailer is so new the ribbons are still attached. i spent the extra cash and bought new becasuse i didnt want any problems. i also went the big tex trailer as i thought their reputation was good. apparently big tex has quality issues. i have to have another trailer by the weekend as there is an important event i need it for which you will see on your pm.
  9. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    i USED to equate big tex with quality. i guess the millenial workforce is failing big tex trailer .
  10. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    not yet. i need to present these photos to james. i have email issues and been fighting. i may need to link him here or text em. looking at these pics would you also agree with the welding shop guy to not pull on the freeway?
  11. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    @97cummins trevor, you have pm
  12. trevor,


    please PM "muddy's viagra" and send her your mailing addy.


    got something important she needs to send you :)


  13. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    indeed trevor, this big tex trailer is unsafe. it needs to go back to the big tex factory and stay there. i spoke with james at big american trailers in boise. i bought from his caldwell dealer ship. he seems decent to work with. he wants photos so i may need to link him here as my yahoo email is being a pain. ill show some more pics that will blow your mind. here is an example of the poor quality of welding on big tex trailers.
  14. MUDDY

    Dump trailers

    hanger barely under the frame unsure why the file issue. another pic of a compromised failing hanger on my new big tex dump trailer.hanger barely under the frame