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  1. MUDDY

    Fuel filter for 12valve

    i prefer a good backup.
  2. MUDDY

    Sub compact tractor

    indeed, made in caldwell.
  3. MUDDY

    july idaho diesel meet

    coming up soon wed july 18th. log in so you would be able to view all the detaisl.
  4. MUDDY

    Is this to much play in the turbo?

    early 04 way to small. i like using the 35/40 14cm hybrid on my 2nd gen 12v.
  5. MUDDY

    Fuel filter for 12valve

    primeloc under hood andthe spin on on the frame. i try for 8 to 10 k especially on the 10 micron prefilter on the frame. fleetguard under hood and donaldson under the truck.
  6. MUDDY

    Sub compact tractor

    well, the picece of junk big tex went back to their factory. they were decent to deal with. the similar examples there had a design flaw as well until you step up thethe 10k or 14 k which i wouldve done. but the 70 sr was rightfor thejob and good for smaller tasks andability to get into the tighter places. C&B trailer hitched behind one of the trucks as we spealk :thumgup;
  7. MUDDY

    Is this to much play in the turbo?

    how many miles on that one? hard to tell from video but looks like it will be ok for a while but time to plan on rebuild.
  8. MUDDY

    What to do with exhaust

    illegal as it is straight out pointed, between 3 and 11 foot off the ground which i believe is the law. must be pointed slightly back if between those values.
  9. MUDDY


    amazing how freak things like that happen. weve not seen many cummins cranks break either but i've seen two. not common for sure. thankful getting back quick.
  10. indeed another great event. was great to see you all there
  11. today is the day. log in to view the thread. http://idahoturbodiesels.com/topic/11370-itd-dinner-meet-3rd-wed-of-june/?tab=comments#comment-124129
  12. MUDDY

    What to do with exhaust

    my first gen trucks with the shorty and no muff actually did not seem to be too bad. my two 02 HO ETH-DEE trucks however did offer up a good amount of sound for all to hear especially under a load... seemed to be more than my 98.5 for sure.
  13. MUDDY

    I'm back!

    dinner meet this week, [wed] is a thread on the meeting going on now. which flatbed are you going with kris? building or buying? ive a couple aluminums and one steel presently. sure handy for the sxs and allows towing of the RV with the machine on the bed..
  14. MUDDY

    What to do with exhaust

    ive run a good number of my trucks with the pipe exiting ahead of the tire like evan shows. not a lot of benefit in flow, but indeed a few bucks less. for an off road rig i like the pipe not going clear to the back to avoid damage in the rocks backing up, but for a highway rig it is noticeable in the noise in comparison for sure. stacks, i did that on a few of my rigs. and 2 of the 3 i went back to under the truck to avoid loss of cargo space. in addition switching to a cabover for a while, and trying to not soot up the 5'er, no more stacks for me. in addition i find less attention is better due to other guys 'rolling coal' and noise making which causes scrutinization by the boys with the red and blue lights, they will often target those driving responsably as well. ive done a straight pipe on 90% of my cummins trucks but now, i would maybe do a high flo muff..... never thought i would think such nonsense. am i fianally getting old?
  15. MUDDY

    I'm back!

    glad to see you back kris. indeed flatbed only way to go. nice to carry the sxs on the truck and pull the rv. you just missed the june camp and ride last week. was awesome. planning another. need another ride.