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  1. RANDY

    Question for Dodge guys

    No codes. It will rev. up and then he has to let off the throttle to get it to shift. If he don't let off it acts like it defuels. I didn't know if there are any sensors or switches to look at. Thanks
  2. Got a buddy that has a 99, auto. When he kinda gets on it, it will rev up and fall on its face. He's changed out his fuel and air filters. Only does it in first gear, after that it's fine. It's totally stock, no tuners or exhaust. Any input would be awesome. Thanks
  3. RANDY

    Somebody Explain Air Filters To Me

    You should mount your battery on the frame. Then you don't have to use the bed for anything. Just a suggestion.
  4. RANDY

    Bomb Party 6-09

    I'll be coming back from the tri cities, so I will try to buzz by sat. sometime. Get your ass ready for a bike ride to Brian.. HELL YEAH...
  5. RANDY

    Bomb Party 6-09

    I should be able to make it over.
  6. RANDY

    I'm Back. . . SORRY CHEVYS

    Nice truck dude.
  7. RANDY

    the radio

    How many times do you need to see the artist and song????
  8. RANDY

    The DIC

    The DIC's most of the time are off. Depends on if you got oversized tires without recalibrating the the speedo. Mine was off a little even after I calibrated it with EFI.
  9. RANDY

    So how have you been?

    Nate, you still have a GAY avitar..
  10. RANDY

    What does your screen name mean??

    Mine is me... HAHAHAHAHAHA
  11. RANDY


    I agree with Marty. But the 6spd allison is kick ass too. You have manual mode that is awesome. I'd opt for a 6spd. 06 and newer. Good luck.
  12. RANDY

    Water pump install w/pics

    That looks like a hell of alot of fun.
  13. RANDY

    BIG TWIN open for Dyno day

    Now thats some cool shit.
  14. RANDY

    Off to Alaska

    Hell yeah, you have a safe trip bro. Keep in touch.
  15. Good to see everyone again. Had a good time.