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    Drive 01 Cummins
  1. Moab

    hell ya man it was a crazy good time!! bad ass scout!!
  2. Moab

    bad ass airbrush job Cummins Baby Old Man showing us young punks how to do it!!
  3. Moab

    250 thousand dollar jeep rollin on 49 inch rubbers this kid beat the shit out of this little pickup blairing "jump, jump, jump around" on that amp strapped to the top my kind of ****pit
  4. Moab

    not sure what the hell this was super charged jeeps Bad Ass Scout Potato Salad Hill
  5. Moab

    Went to easter jeep saffari last week!! some of the coolest shit in the world for you gear heads to see!! some people have real tallent on building these rock crawlers out of nothing!!! i go every year to watch people get drunk and ruin expensive shit! hell ya! it a big spring break for gear heads! here are a few picks i thought youd like. the truck with the trailer full a toys Trex been in four wheel mag a couple times six wheel v10 Jeep goin over
  6. new 09 pics

    ya no smoke is what i heard, but not what i seen!!
  7. How NOT to Tow !

    your crazy woman!!!
  8. Battery question, which to buy?

    i have the exact same problem! with my truck had the altinator tested its working like a champ so im sure its the batteries!!
  9. Ted

    seen this on another site!! Hes a crazy S.O.B but damn he makes sence!! http://www.videoviewtube.com/view/36/ted-nugent-speaks-his-mind/ Ted is the shit!!
  10. S.E. Dinner Meeting

    sure makes it easier when you dont have to wake up the next day go to work with the little beer gremlins barkin in your head
  11. Quadzilla Adrenaline

    ive been thinking about running one! with that new pulse moniter sound like some pretty cool shit you can do wwith them custom fuel curve and timing!!
  12. Goofing off in the driveway.

    hey seen ya out in your front yard i was the punk in that big black old ford with the superswampers that waved at ya!!!
  13. Bomb Party Poll

    AL Count me in!! Ill pitch for fuel and brew
  14. Bomb Party Poll

    when is this?