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  1. hahaha i not giving info, but if it were me i would say half back it tub it 4 link call strange and get a trailer
  2. a daily driven racing sled puller is going to be alot to achieve
  3. why extracab why 4x4, if you want to go fast than why fuk around
  4. JD Wop

    TS Who's Cummin??

    I and other from wide open will be there as long as stuff is working correctly
  5. JD Wop

    dhra is done

    no problem that isnt the race i am referring to
  6. JD Wop

    dhra is done

    If you are talking to me my name is Jared, I know nothing about the event except that it is coming to RMR and it is a very big name.
  7. JD Wop

    dhra is done

    keep planning on an event around the same time, you will know about it when you here it trust me
  8. JD Wop

    dhra is done

    It is too bad one of the few and the largest assoc that promotes diesel racing go under, the DHRA always treated us well.
  9. JD Wop

    Do you know what 1000hp feels like?

    It has done 871 but I think it is 1000hp, up until that 871 dyno the highest it did was mid 5's and we were running it in the 10's. I dont know many 500hp trucks runingin in the 10's.
  10. JD Wop

    Do you know what 1000hp feels like?

    Well your truck isnt exactly set up for drag racing, I was impressed by your ET and so was evryone at Wide Open. There is alot to actually getting the power to the ground custom auto is a good example.
  11. JD Wop

    Do you know what 1000hp feels like?

    I agree Al is probably the closest, what is his best time ET?
  12. I have ridin in Zane's race truck several times and drivin it at slow speeds before but today we took it out on the freeway, words cant explain how freaking sweet it is. When that big charger lights it is just nasty the truck went from 60mph to 110mph in a very short distance and I was peddeling the damn thing, I hope everyone on here gets an opportunity to experiance that!
  13. i havent seen one truck yet that is worth posting a pic:hi5: