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  1. Help Please!!!

    x2 first thing I would do
  2. Opinions please...

    lol.No sorry its a 07 dodge with the 6.7 in it.Also look at ksl for wheels.found some sweet 20x12 XD wheels on there.Guy said they were perfect,I didnt believe him till I picked them up.Now I kind of feel bad for jewin him down so much..........OK no I don't.
  3. Opinions please...

    Buddy has them on his tahoe.If you get them,look them over good before you have the tires mounted.They had to order two sets just to get 4 of the same.The lip was a little bit differant on some of them.
  4. What do you do for a living?

    I dont' blame you for not wanting to work on a rig.Looks like more work than I would want to.
  5. What do you do for a living?

    Rumor has it.They are starting up 7 rigs in colorado next month .If that job falls through for you.
  6. What do you do for a living?

    Where is the gas plant that you speak of?
  7. 68 chev crewcab

    OK I found another one.With a cummins..
  8. 68 chev crewcab

    I did some research .And it sounds like the old crew cabs were a conversion for the forest service and goverment mainly.But were really built.
  9. 68 chev crewcab

    These are pretty rare.Seen a one forsale on ebey a couple years ago.Muddy mite remember these??
  10. 68 chev crewcab

    I would like to see some more crew cab pics.Where they a conversion company that did it?Or was it really made by GM?I seen a old bronco think it was 73.The other day for sale and it had a camper on it that was built on it.Kind of like the old chevy blazers the had a camper built on them.But I didn't know they did it on the broncos.There is alot of that older stuff like that.
  11. 68 chev crewcab

    That would be sweet to have.Mite suck if you ever needed a new rear door for the drivers side though.Tried calling the guy he didn't answer.
  12. 68 chev crewcab

    Is it a true crew cab?Or a 3dr sub made into a crew cab.Have seen a few of the subs made into crew cabs.If its a true crew cab.The cab alone would be worth the asking price i would bet.