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  1. lly

    Opinions please...

    I have seen them on a few trucks in burley an I realy like them
  2. lly

    Burley Pull

    I am putting my 12v in it,also have a buddy putting his 24v in it an two buddys putting their 6.0s in it also
  3. PPE came out with a stand alone wiring harness and a analog v8 tachometer driver for the Dmax,I have also been looking in to this kind of swap,cause Old Smokey has 77 short bed chevy we are wanting to do a swap on,you will have to call them though cause I dont see it on there website
  4. lly

    Cummins burnout video

    ya It has the 3200 gsk kit in it
  5. lly

    Cummins burnout video

    Yaaa I dont think so,lets put your tires on then I will,caue you did a burnout with my tires on your D-maxx,so I one you a burnout
  6. I went and had new tires put on my dodge(dick cepek ) so I thought I would melt what was left of the old ones. Here are the new tires And the videos
  7. Well we had some snow an wind the other day so I thought I would go play in the snow,I needed about 3 more feet of snow though
  8. I still have them but they are two singles now,I want to build another set though.
  9. lly

    Tranny Temps???

    Wow I need one of those
  10. lly

    Tranny Temps???

    How much trans oil is in there,when I had mine right at the full line mine ran hot so I took some out (like bosierob said to do haha)an it ran alot cooler
  11. lly

    Some People Can Drive!

    That is some of the coolest shit I have ever seen,hey kirk remember your STI? Good times haha
  12. Thanks guys,hey kirk you going to be around this weekend?I need to see your new hood an take a ride
  13. Here is the dodge I will have to get some pics of the D-MAXX
  14. Thanks to TaTkins85 I got me some wheels an tires,but will soon need to get some new tires for them,but I think it looks alot better then it did befor. Befor AFTER