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  1. Moonlight

    Gaser quote

    Here is my two cents worth. I sell both, if you want a dry filter the AEM is a better filter compared to the AFE prodry. We ran into a prodry in a dusty environment and it was letting dirt through. The other AFE filters we have had great luck with.
  2. Here is the story guys. It sucks but i am out for a while, we got it hot in Tremonton and finished it off at RMR. Nothing new pistons and a new head won't fix. $$$
  3. Moonlight

    Burley sled pull

    No talk about the Burley pull?? We made a last minute decision to go, the turn out was good, the track was good. DDP red truck ran good looked good, didn’t break. We had a good pull. Hope to see you all in Idaho Falls this week end. http://www.moonlightdiesel.com/multimedia-gallery/index.php
  4. Moonlight

    June 21st Sledpull in Idaho Falls

    As for the twins AL I agree. We talked about this at the last meeting and believe it or not twins back east are few and far between on street trucks. That is when they decided to put towing twins in with the 3.0 class, towing twins meaning smaller than 2.8. The plan is to see how it goes this year, if there are enough trucks to justify a class (5 trucks) then we can make it happen. I agree with you but it still throws Dominator in your class unless they step up to pulling tires. That is pretty much what makes the difference between United’s Mod class and the Super Mod class. I am sure Dominator would like that class as well due to the fact with DHRA I can run pull tires in the super mod class but with the big twins Dominator will be pulling against me whether they run pull tires or not. Everyone interested in another class or change in class rules needs to show up and pull anyway or it won't look like there is a need for another class. Sam the rules will be 2008 DHRA rules and classes.
  5. Moonlight

    June 21st Sledpull in Idaho Falls

    DHRA pull registration opens at 10:00am, pulls are at 1:00pm, top trucks from that event will be offered a spot in the United pull that night at 7:00pm. Eric McBride and myself will be teching for the DHRA pull. Let me know if you have any other questions and I will do my best to answer them.
  6. Moonlight

    June 21st Sledpull in Idaho Falls

    Your OK the first DHRA pull but if you want to continue pulling you need to build to the rules. That’s the way I understand it anyway. There was talk of making trucks that don't meet the rules run exhibition until they meet the rules but I know they plan on being a bit lenient the first pull. Also with the United pull that night your OK the first time you pull with them then you need to be working toward meeting the rules also. See you there.
  7. Moonlight

    Morgan, UT this weekend!

    I don’t know either but I think they were wondering were the red truck was. No worries man we like to see you there. Shane’s truck did awesome. The red truck doses have a bit of a reputation for coming apart so you can’t blame them for wondering. With the kind of power we are pulling out of our truck we are hoping it holds together all season. Coarse it was built by Moonlight
  8. Moonlight

    Morgan, UT this weekend!

    Things went well. We decided to put our truck up against the Detroits. I know there was a few guys turned away for being late, make sure you come early to all pulls you plan on pulling in. I hated to see them turned away but it is for good reasons. The trucks need teched and ready to go a half hour before the show. There was 8 stock trucks 9 Super stock and 3 Mod. congrats to the winners.
  9. Moonlight

    quad rail pressure gauge works on 6.7

    Just a little info for you guys running Quadzilla products, their new harnesses don't have a seal around some of the wires coming out of the rail pressure sensor. Make sure you seal them up with some silicone. I had a customer wash his motor and waist the rail pressure sensor. Dodge would not warranty it and Quadzilla just said they are not responsible for any damage done to the truck due to their product. $500 sensor you don't want to waist one.
  10. Moonlight

    Blackfoot Idaho Sledpull

    I hope to have gears for my t case here before then, if not I will pull mod class with you guys so will you go easy on me Al. I don't know if i can spin pull tires with the gears i have.
  11. Moonlight

    Blackfoot Idaho Sledpull

    Do you need another super mod truck? Not sure if we will be ready but it should be close. Are we running pulling tires in the super mod class? If no one else is I won't.
  12. Meeting is at 7:00pm. I don't know what they are wanting to talk about, i do know they had trouble getting the sled from Jessie lined up so maybe the original plans have changed. I will see if i can get some more info.
  13. I just got informed from DHRA there will be a meeting on May 7th to discuss the upcoming pulling season. They have an agreement with Ogden stadium and are concidering the following dates. June 21, July 12, (Aug 16 RMR), Aug 30, and Sept. 6. The meeting will be at Rocky Mountain Raceway, I don't have a time yet. Everyone interested in pulling please come to the meeting.
  14. Moonlight

    So I get a phone call today,,,,,,

    Congrats guys, I look forward to the event. Looks like they have picked some good ones.