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  1. Idaho CTD

    best all around single turbo??

    HTT is having a sale next month for those in the turbo/manifold/intercooler mood.
  2. Idaho CTD

    Fire Ringing or Cometic Gaskets?

    If you want it as close to bullet proof as you can be then 0-ring it and use 625 studs. That combo is holding over 100psi in a CR truck using a 12v marine gasket.
  3. Idaho CTD

    3 pce exhaust manifold

    I can do 468.00 shipped for a HTT. It includes all the mounting hardware and new gaskets.
  4. Idaho CTD

    Who is your Mentor?????

    I'm not sure I'd admit I was someones bitch Randy.
  5. Idaho CTD

    winter drag racing

    Easy now. I don't do any violating.
  6. Idaho CTD

    winter drag racing

    Tommy.......corrupting America's youth.
  7. Idaho CTD

    Aurora 5000

    90-91lbs/min. It's between a 4294 and a 4202 for compressor flow and less turbine flow.
  8. Idaho CTD

    LMM Twins

    I'm glad you like them Jason. It's great that you already know to pick on Randy too.
  9. Idaho CTD

    Lets welcome Shane to the dark side.

    It cost more then that. You need a lift pump too.
  10. Idaho CTD

    How would you like to shoot this gun?

    I don't have anything that big. My .458 Lott is big enough for now. Custom actions and 2.00+ per piece of brass is stupid unless you've got money to burn. That doesn't even include bullets that are about 1.25 each on the low end.
  11. Idaho CTD

    Sequential compound turbo set up

    Your probably correct. We don't care about that crap. High boost keeps egt's down as long as drive pressure is in check.
  12. Idaho CTD

    Sequential compound turbo set up

    I don't know if it is needed or if there is a advantage to it. I do know it would be a bit of a PITA to plumb but not impossible. I'm not sure if I like the valving idea as it is layed out either. The canister on the bypass would probably need air assist to help it close because I don't think the pressure differential would close it fast enough.
  13. Idaho CTD

    HE351 questions

    The difference in the two is the electronic wastegate and a 60mm compressor for the HE. The HY has a 54 or 56mm compressor. The elctronic wastegate is 22mm x 1.5 thread and it is tapered at the top for a o-ring. So if you could find a flange head bolt short enough (you might have to cut the threads off just below the head of the bolt for the o-ring) and the correct o-ring you could weld the outlet tube closed and screw the bolt in. Then you'd have to drill and tap the housing 1/8" NPT to put an adjustable elbow in to control boost.
  14. Idaho CTD

    Go away party -Nov 8th

    I guess I'll go to see the sorry SOB off
  15. Idaho CTD

    Firebird this Saturday 10/11/08

    Anybody got snow tires on? There are white flakes falling from the sky!