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    Need parts for front end on my '06

    Late to the game, but I have the XRF ball joint. Had OEM, then MOOGs, then at 80k replaced with XRF, they come with a lifetime warranty.. I am at 137k no problems. I also would look at the free spin kits, wish I would have installed it sooner. I have the Yukon, it was only $600 installed more than the crappy OEM replacement parts. Also, Carli trac bar, coils and mini pack for the rear = good durable ride. BUT based on my experience with the XRF's, I think the Carli ball joints aren't worth the xtra . Granted every other part I have is Carli, they make quality components.
  2. Jezzhuntin

    If Money Was No Object...

    You sure that isn't a jeep? Damn truck tires and rims on that thing! Very nice tho, but way overboard for what I need one to do. thx for sharing.
  3. Jezzhuntin

    If Money Was No Object...

    I really have no use for a 4 seater. I am liking both the Razor XP 900 and Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000. The AC doesn't have the best turning radius as it is 13" longer than the Razor. But going 65 or 85 mph doesn't weigh into my decision. Looking for the best fit/finish, suspension and comfort. The AC come with a really good suspension and considerably nicer seats than the Razor. Just looking for the best out of the crate rig, don't want to dump another 5k into it like so many do. I am not sure I understand the enamor of the Can Ams, they seem to make nice rigs, I just don't see the price difference from the other competitors. I have 2 AC's ATV's and both have been trouble free excellent machines. But I think I would get a lot more use out of a side/side. I just don't like riding ATV's at 5 am in the cold to the trail head for the days hunt, always take the truck instead. Think it would be nice to have a rig with windshield, heater and storage for 2 guys. I don't do much trail riding, ATV is just used for getting to difficult trail heads (for a truck), plowing snow and general use. But I still want something nimble, unlike the mule type work horse side/side.
  4. Jezzhuntin

    If Money Was No Object...

    that statement was made so that price wouldn't go into ones decision. Looking for the best performing and driveability.
  5. and you were in the market to buy a side/side, which one would you buy and why? The Razr, Arctic Cat Wildcat, etc??
  6. Jezzhuntin


    :lmao: I am convinced that Annie's "contributions" to back roads may bring me back to the dark side.
  7. Jezzhuntin


    not chit! Yesterday was the first day I had been back in there for awhile as Muddy scarred me, not for life, but took a nice chunk out.
  8. Jezzhuntin


    I vote she can get in, IF she posts her "backroads" pictures.
  9. Jezzhuntin

    Choose your favorite July rig!

    what did Muddy have some photos involving sheep or cows that Curtis didn't want to get exposed? Thought he loved that truck based on how many times he posted photos of it
  10. Jezzhuntin

    Choose your favorite July rig!

    SOMEBODY PLZ vote for Curtis, his rig is like the kid that always gets picked last in gym class But it really is a nice 2nd generation:rockin:
  11. Jezzhuntin

    Saw This On Fox News

    A lot of the Democrats out west (in office) are not your typical east coast donkey. MT's governor is a Democrat, I like him, but then again it doesn't matter to me what party they are from if they have the same core values I have. Its those jackasses (pun intended) in Washington that scare me, but so do the elephants
  12. Jezzhuntin

    Pics of the wreck

    Damn Shane, that is amazing. I think most that see that truck would think no one survived. Amazing that your father walked away with so minor injuries. Glad to hear you are on the mend. The next time you roll past Bozeman (if you have time) give me a call and we will go have a beer. Or if you ever need a stop off point and place to crash you are welcome. I will PM you my #.
  13. Jezzhuntin

    Good rifle for the wife?

    I don't think being rich or poor has anything to do with killing an animal. If the person is dedicated to hunting, then they are dedicated to shooting consistently and making ethical shots and clean kills whether it is a bow or gun. Their income level has nothing to do with them being a good ethical hunter. I have upland hunted with people that couldn't hit a pheasant with an 870 or a O/U Citori. A gun's value doesn't make you a good shot.........practice does. Back to the topic. I would give the same advice I give to anyone buying a bow. Go shoot all the brands possible and then make a decision on what fits you best for your intended needs.
  14. Jezzhuntin

    Good rifle for the wife?

    I would look at the Tikka T3's. I am not a rifle guy, but I have read countless info on how great these shoot right out of the box. Lots of guys buy for kids and wives, they are super light..
  15. Jezzhuntin

    2012 pics - 3500 - quad cab long box

    Damn Shane you always have a beaut of a truck.