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  1. IC Smoke

    IBF moderators/website builders please post

    I downloaded PHP and mySQL yet Im lost!!! Im signed up for ftp @ godaddy but once I log in I dont have a clue where to drag the files from Mike PM sent! Ian
  2. IC Smoke

    New Tinted Windows!!

    I went with 5% all the way around, I should have went with 0%..... maybe when I want to toss some money away I will but not for awhile!! Ive only seen this done on Strayley's pulling truck Ian
  3. The trucks "Dozer" GF and I
  4. IC Smoke

    IBF moderators/website builders please post

    ok I downloaded the phpbb to test things out and I downloaded the SQL manager BireBird but I dont have a clue what Im doing help me:-(!! hahah
  5. IC Smoke

    IBF moderators/website builders please post

    hahaha thankfully I live far away! well I purchased gltdr.com off godaddy.com its a step in some direction at least
  6. IC Smoke

    IBF moderators/website builders please post

    Mike Ill be calling you like a telemarketer with one client:lol: Im going to start from scratch on the main page, the old GLTDR members pretty much left it for dead and I think steve stlaurent (tdr) is one of the only remaining members still on TDR or active. I would like to do a small write up with some small pics on the page of misc members trucks. and maybe a list of current members with a link and some info of them and there trucks when you run accrost it. so I need to go to godaddy.com and buy www.gltdr.com first off correct? I signed up for your page and my cell # is on there, feel free to call anytime. Thanks Ian
  7. IC Smoke

    IBF moderators/website builders please post

    thanks guys! Vbulletin might be the route to go but $160 plus I saw a couple add-ons that you can buy so there isnt any VBulletin advertisements? whats that all about phpbb- our michigan farm stock tractor pullers association www.mfstpa.com is a phpbb site. and Im not sure if I can change the layout or it will always be the bland "phpbb" look Im still tring to find out what happened to the old GLTDR site and how much we have in the bank is it a difficult task to design a page? do you use any specific programs? I picked up "website maker" by Magix but after playing with it for a bit I cant upload my own photo for a background and I have to use there templates... It was only 25.00 so I wasnt expecting much.
  8. First off many of you know me from the other forums. I'm now the president of the Great Lakes Turbo Diesel Register chapter. One issue we have is our website.... I really like the IBF main page and this forum. The layout is exactly what I would like for the GLTDR site. Another issue is we need a webhost, someplace that is cheap but enough to hold a forum and informative site. Thanks! Ian Coleman
  9. IC Smoke

    Lot's of new people lately....

    Howdy Gang! Ian Coleman out of Hudson Michigan bubba dennis shot me the link! nice site!! I need to speak to the webmaster! Im working on bringing the Great Lakes Turbo Diesel Register site back to life and the Idaho site is exactly what I had in mind!!!! Ohhh yeah about me... I work Maintenance for our family business which is a non profit organization for developmentally disabled men and women, we currently operate 3 home. Im also the maintenance man for our trailer park. Im the presient of GLTDR, and Great Lakes Cummins Crew. I have a 2001 dodge and a 2006 dodge both CTD's Dad has a 2005 CTD Ive attached a couple pics. Any questions just ask!!! glad to be here Ian
  10. IC Smoke

    looks like dave got swanked

    swanker is OVER a year old to being put into production, I tried to get mine off the ground but swank said no and I respected that, but Ive still send a few out of the garage to friends. stainless tubing, some bondo and paint! Im running 2 probes for boost and 2 for water/meth (see pic) there was/is a huge market for them heck AFE just came out with one so you know they are watching! Ian