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  1. PowerLabs

    Friday Night Dyno Drags @ Powerlabs 9/19

    yea it definatly has MPI twins. theres no other way. and it probably wouldnt be there without robs help!!
  2. PowerLabs

    Friday Night Dyno Drags @ Powerlabs 9/19

    Heres the diesel results. DIESEL TRUCK 1. Cam Hulse - 07 DuraMax - 1187.8 WHP 2. Custom Auto - 05 DuraMax - 1061.8 WHP 3. Al Babneau - 04 Dodge Ram - 855.0 WHP 4. Jacob White - 02 Ford F350 - 583.9 WHP 5. John Jenkins - 01 Dodge - 448.0 WHP 6. David Kelley - 01 Dodge - 412.8 WHP THANK FOR SUCH HUGE SUPPORT! Hope you all had a good time.
  3. PowerLabs

    MPI Twins On the way.

    congrats!! that is definatly the way to go... especially if rob tunes it!!
  4. PowerLabs

    Friday Night Dyno Drags @ Powerlabs 9/19

    damn i knew i was forgetting something thanks
  5. PowerLabs

    12.5 at weekend on the edge

    i think i could do better? i launched way to hard and broke the tires loose 60'....1.896 1/4....12.579 mph....109.66
  6. PowerLabs

    LMM fuel filter is a pain in the ass!

    get one of Nathans twin kits. he relocates the filter to the firewall!!
  7. just want to let everyone know we are having a small dyno event friday the 19th. these are a lot of fun becaust they are way more relaxed. registration starts at 4pm and goes till 7. it costs $30 for 2 runs. We will have cash prizes. Edge and MBRP have steped up with certificates for FREE products. Diesel and gas are welcome! come hang out and BS with the locals.
  8. PowerLabs

    Duramax header sound.

    its missing a whistle noise
  9. PowerLabs

    Is this like a ats co pilot??

    as soon as there is an alternative to the purple one ill get one.
  10. PowerLabs

    Dyno day @ PowerLabs, Idaho Falls

    the guys at superflow told us to keep the load at 40% we have been pretty good at destroying the load cells. thank god for warranty! should be fun
  11. PowerLabs

    p pump pic cutaway

    i would be interested in making one for my dodge. where can i get a blank or a stocker?
  12. PowerLabs

    Ts Chip

    he wants to make as much power as he can. probably adjustable if possible. i imagine he will want a nice driveable tow tune and somthing agressive, i know he wants to change the turbo and injectors.
  13. PowerLabs

    Tuner upgrade???

    they would be better off with the stock trans over an A lways T erible S hit trans
  14. PowerLabs

    Ts Chip

    i have a buddy with a 2000 ford 7.3 he wants me to get him the meanest chip or tuner i can possibly find him. i think i have it narrowed down to a few. just curiouse what you all think....
  15. PowerLabs

    Another twin Dmax member?

    05 LLY looks like a half ton sounds like a jet!