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  1. injector size

    I wouldn't run a 66 in a 24valve, they're way to laggy no matter what size injector you go with.
  2. Hmmm New shiny things

    Nice looking parts to a boat anchor....
  3. Do you know what 1000hp feels like?

    I've been in a nostalgic car, down the 1/4 in 8 flat. Zane's truck is awesome, but, when did he hit 1000hp?
  4. New boost controller

    Problem is, the stock turbo has a speed sensor that you have to fool or the motor can derate your fueling. Believe me, soon as this is resolved, the truck will be making a trip to boise.
  5. New boost controller

    http://www.fleeceperformance.com/product/925c84ae-74bf-403e-86df-ab239691e801.aspx Sounds like it works. Damn spendy for what it does though.
  6. HP/TQ Guesses

    450 of your lucky. The 12cm exhaust housing will kill your hp. I'd upgrade to a 14 or a ss13.
  7. Thanks Shane!

    You're welcome.
  8. Lets welcome Shane to the dark side.

    Plates are all that it takes in a 12valve...?
  9. Lets welcome Shane to the dark side.

    There close for sure. What year did diesel performance products really start taking off? Oh that's right about the time the duramax came out.
  10. Lets welcome Shane to the dark side.

    Hey Steve, help me refresh my memory, what motor is still top dog in hp and tq? If we only had efi live for the cummins...
  11. twin turboed 6.7

    Sure is a pretty green.
  12. How would you like to shoot this gun?

    I've seen that video. Knowing Nathan, he's got something bigger in his arsenal.
  13. I'll try and make this one. It would be nice to b.s with everyone and hopefully Al will be in a better mood than he was at billydog.