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  1. Goofing off in the driveway.

    Lets go! Here are some new ones!
  2. I can assist with that as well. Keeping it in I.F. might even help!
  3. Goofing off in the driveway.

    Well, I think i need to turn it around and see what the front will do with the sway bars in it. I think I could probably bottom out the front suspension without the sway bars.
  4. BIG East side get together

    I am defintely game for the dyno.
  5. 4Wheel Parts

    Tommy, Do you know if I can apply my bussiness purchases to the club acct? Not looking for the discount, just wanting "the Club" to get my credit for my purchases as a dealer?
  6. reply asap please

    Have you cycled your key yet to get the codes? That would help out a lt to make sure it is nothing major.
  7. Deer Stainer (question)

    Where is Fusion at? I wanted to check those out and see them in person!
  8. For The Record....

    Shane, you would be crazy if you didn't do this. Keep your head up Family always comes first and will always be there for you.
  9. Ordering a turbo monday.....

    www.dieselpowersource.com Spend a few more now and be very willingg andshould have plenty more air when you need it.
  10. Power Labs Dyno Night

    Late notice, but Jeff at Powerlabs was saying they were having a Dyno Day tonight... Not too sure on start time and stuff. Just an FYI Custom Autos Black dmax dynoed 10??hp at powerlabs this last week so I am guessing they finally have the dyno dialed in.
  11. Where's the link to the Hummer?
  12. Muddy, was that you?

    Hey muddy was that you in I.F. today? Do you drive a black 3rd gen?
  13. Weekend on the Edge Sept. 5 & 6

    Anybody have an idea s to when the dyno starts and how much?
  14. Sled Pull in Blackfoot Today!!

    How Did everyone do? I wish there was a 8500lb class. It is really fun to pull, but trying to make weight really sucks.
  15. RMPA pull Aug 31st Blackfoot

    That sucks. I thought you had to qualify for it. Oh well. What sucks is I was ready to pull in I.F. but made it back a little late and they wouldn't let me pull. Oh well, my truck will thank me for it I am sure.