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  1. Cummin01

    IDAHO DYNO DAY, Sunday Dec 5TH, 2010

    Would love to go, but my truck is currently getting another tranny put in! Wont get it back til Tuesday or Wednesday...
  2. Cummin01

    Another Cummins

    Good to see some younger guys, i seem to get bad looks from older guys when they see me in my truck. just because mine is better than theirs.
  3. Cummin01

    Another Cummins

    are there any young guys in here, iam only 22. and two of my other friends have diesels, another 01 dodge and an 01 powerstroke. iam trying to get them on here too.
  4. Cummin01

    Another Cummins

    Thanks everybody, cant wait to get out there and put some faces to the names and get to know some of you!
  5. Cummin01

    Another Cummins

    New to the site, came from CumminsForum. got an invite from Muddy so here i am. Boise and Kuna is where i reside. Good to be in a forum with some diesel locals. oh and my name is Brandon and my truck is an 01 dodge 2500QC maroon, my friends call it the Purple People Eater. they must be GAY