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  1. Grunt

    N. ITD 2ND!!! Dinner Meet.

    Plumb assed spaced this out...hopefully the post on NWBombers gets a few there
  2. Grunt

    Wooden spoon bashing

    ROFLMAO!!!! That was GREAT!!!!
  3. Grunt

    N. ITD 2ND!!! Dinner Meet.

    Just made this post on NWB then thought to look here. Hopefully I can get Clutch or someone else to ride down there with me http://http://www.nwbombers.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=36217&st=0&gopid=431105entry431105
  4. Grunt

    North ITD Dinner Meet, March 27th

    Brain Fart.....forgot about it Being retired it's hard to keep track of the days. In fact I just looked at the calendar and thought to myself...next Thursday don't forget. Next one maybe Clutch-Desperado,Idahorsehauler and myself can all make it
  5. Grunt

    North ITD Dinner Meet, March 27th

    I'll try to remember to be there although it will be midnight before I get back home
  6. Grunt

    Anything happening?

    Going to be in the Boise area 3/21-3/23
  7. Grunt

    MMS dyno day 2-16-08

    I'm glad you stuck around until I could get there muddy....you too ymmot :-) Ymmot..I'm still not sure if it was your front tires or the back ones that left the black marks on the pavement LMBO
  8. Grunt

    Restaurants-know a good one?

    Boise Town square...is that the mall across from cabela's? Ate at a TGIF there once
  9. Grunt

    Restaurants-know a good one?

    Where is the Red Lobster located...who knows, I might splurge if not this time then next month when I'm down Sunrise cafe - Cracker Barrel-Big juds all sound good. Seems most of my meals are at Denny's and I'm getting a bit tired of eating there..of course it is convenient to the Airport/Motel Leaving for Boise in the morning, most likely have lunch in Baker as per usual.
  10. Grunt

    Restaurants-know a good one?

    Boise area...Steak/lobster isn't in my budget so I'm looking for Mexican, Chinese and good old american style...heard the corn beef/cabbage is good at Quills...thinking I was told it was on Vista so will be easy for me to find/get to Last few times down I ate at Dennys and Chalapas..also found a good burger place next to Cabela's
  11. Grunt

    I kick myself EVERYDAY....

    I seem to buy high and sell low Thanks for posting the pictures ymmot, I think it's worth every penny..to the right person with the
  12. I've heard that Quills (Quinns?) is a good place to eat, might give me an alternative to Denny's Not looking for anything fancy
  13. Grunt


    Thanks tommy