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  1. twistedjack

    First major problems

    Well after several years of use after the conversion I finally broke something major. I have had a few minor issues like bad fuel lines, throttle linkage, carrier bearings, you know normal stuff for 275,000 mile+ drive train. Saturday I was headed to Boise with my empty trailer to help a friend pick up a 34 chevy. I was in third gear, I dunno around 25lbs of boost just about to shift when a loud bang and the nasty grinding noise started. Coasted to the side of the road and it wouldnt move at all. By the sound of the noise and the location I think I broke the input to the aux trans that I have. Which really sucks since they dont make it anymore and it is impossible to find parts. I should know later this week when I get a chance to tear things apart.
  2. twistedjack

    Is it time for injectors?

    Well I went ahead and ordered injectors. I called several local shops an by the time I had them tested and repaired I could be more than half way to a set of better injectors. I should have them in about 3 days. So I guess I know what I will be doing saturday.
  3. twistedjack

    Is it time for injectors?

    Well other than #10 fuel plate, 4" exhaust,15.5 degrees of timing, gov springs and boost elbow no much else has been done. I may have a set of twins in the works before long, but that isnt why this is coming up. EGT's hot and shit for mileage. I am really leaning toward 5x12 injectors.
  4. twistedjack

    Is it time for injectors?

    What does it cost to have them tested?
  5. twistedjack

    Is it time for injectors?

    The motor in my truck has over 250,000 on it and I am pertty sure that they are original. I have changed the fuel filter not long ago. My fuel milage has been getting to be pretty bad. So I am wondering if it is time for a new set of injectors. I pulled them out in the fall when I hydo locked the motor:wall: the patterns on the injectors didnt look uniform to me. If I am getting injectors which ones? 5x10 or 5x12? I have the 160hp pump #10 plate, stock turbo. Has anyone dealt with Diesel Speed Shop? Their prices seem pretty good.
  6. twistedjack


    I can pull it in about a month. I have a new intercooler I just have a few other parts to round up. I will have the truck at the next dinner meet or if you want to see it sooner I am sure we can figure something out. As far as the pipes boot and price they are negotiable.
  7. twistedjack


    I am getting ready to pull the ford intercooler out of my chevy it fits perfectly around the early Dodge radiator. How soon does he need it? It is out of a 2000ish ford all aluminum not that crimped composite crap.
  8. twistedjack

    water/meth installed

    I need to find a bigger tank, I need to be able to run thru 36 gallons a fuel before I run out of mix. I dont see myself increasing the mix to 50/50 since it runs so good on 30%. Better to play it safe. Also I am only using one jet with this. They have different sizes so other may have different results. On a side note *warning do not install this without the the 12v lock out solenoid* pulling the injectors to clear a hydro-locked motor instead of going to the dinner meet sucks:wall: That was 4hrs of my life I will never get back. But I guess now I know how to pull injectors.
  9. twistedjack

    water/meth installed

    Ok so here is my results I towed my camper to Smiley Creek it is in between Stanley and Hailey. My camper and truck are around 21,000 and is an old square nose (pulls hard due to the wind resistance. I started out the trip running 30% mix with it set to come on at 13-14psi and full on at 25psi. With my 3 gallon tank I ran out around 120mile mark. My truck hardly ever runs below 12 so I was pretty much spraying the whole way. I had to work it really hard to push it past 1200 deg. Truck pulled like a train. The increased power was very noticable. I found that I used much less fuel on the way up than I have before. EGT's were 150-200 less and it seemed like I wasnt pushing the truck that hard. On the trip back I had to run 100% water since I wasnt going to buy more washer fluid in stanley for $4 a gallon. I had to adjust the settings to 18psi instead of 13. I noticed less power but couldnt seem to get it pasted 1200deg even abusing the truck a little. I used 2 gallons of water the 180 mile trip home. I seemed to have to push the truck just as hard on the hills but didnt have the high egt's as before. temps were 200-250 less. Now it is a little hard to explain as when the system comes on it isnt magic sauce and you go from say 1100 down to 900 degrees but you will see the EGT's stay steady or fall off slightly. Where as before I would pull of the throttle to check the EGT's in check. However on the 30% mix my temps were consistally 150 less the whole time.
  10. I had all intentions of going but I ended up having to pull the injectors last night for no good reason but that is a story for another day.
  11. I think I should be able to make this one.......it has been a long time:wall:
  12. twistedjack

    water/meth installed

    That is really the only reason I got it was to help keep the EGT's in check. I am going to try it with the 30% mix (what I have now) and just water and see which works best for me.
  13. twistedjack

    water/meth installed

    So I finally got around to working on my truck a little. I bought a used snow Stage 2 kit this winter but didn't have the time to mess with it. Anyway finally installed with a custom tank in the tool box. I am only running washer fluid in it right now. I haven't hooked the trailer to it yet to see how much it will help towing but what a huge difference driving empty. I have it set right now to come on around 12-13 and full on at 25. I can easily peg my 35lb boost gauge, before I had to have a load on the truck to hit 35. I am taking the camper out this coming up weekend so I will be able to tell how much it help towing the heavy camper.
  14. twistedjack

    WTB: Holset hx35 exhaust housing (1/2 moon) clamps

    You can buy them new at Roger's and Bryant on royal street in Boise.
  15. twistedjack

    Dyno Day #30. RESULTS

    I wish I could have made this one. I got sent to denver at the last minute and had no time to get my truck ready. I guess I better get busy for the next one.