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  1. Thanks for letting me join in, always a good time! More like 300 miles Muddy, BUT I was in the valley working for the week, so not exactly a deadhead 300 miles just to see you guys One of these days, I will have to make an event other than the Wednesday dinner, maybe that Oregon camping trip this year??? SHG
  2. Dang Muddy, going to just miss it, I have been in the TV the last week working, scheduled to go back to oregon on Wednesday, supposed to be in Salem Thursday AM, if that falls apart and I am still here in the valley will try to make the Wednesday dinner.
  3. Shelby Griggs

    October Dinner Meet. Wed Oct 19th, Nampa Sizzler

    Sure enjoyed last month, almost two months in a row for me but instead I am not going to be there this week, probably roll through next Monday or Tuesday on my way way out east to the Idaho Falls area for a project, anyway if you see a white 2001 with aluminum flat bed pulling a white Wells Cargo trailer with Oregon plates, that is likely me, say hi if you see me! SHG
  4. I am trying to plan my schedule to get there from Oregon, working in Malheur County this week, already delayed in my departure so will see how it goes. Hope I can make it and see some old friends and meet some new folks. SHG
  5. Inbox for me, for some reason I usually get double e-mails too. SHG