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  1. Look Muddy I didn't vote for the Hawaiian want-a-be, If had I would be contacting the local EPA about your event... Along with diving one of those Inbred vehicles or a Flintstone runner. I'm for job creation and have done a good job of it with the all stuff and repairs I have done to my trucks. I also try to keep the Oil Companies in business and buy all the cheap fuel I can get my hands on. As you know I'm part Hawaiian, and part Irish as well, so I plan on seeing you guys tomorrow.
  2. Weather permitting, I might swing up for sometime to see all of you guys. It's been awhile..... What's the price of fuel up there? Maybe I'll bring up a collection plate, (cash and credit cards only) for my return trip.
  3. HeberRam

    IDAHO DYNO DAY. SUN AUG 28th 2011

    Approx what's the head count Muddy??/ It's a long drive especially for a Sunday, i may be talked into it
  4. Just wanted to say Hello to all of my Idaho "spud buds" to let you know I'm still alive, but age is getting the best of me:wall::wall: Finally retired, thanks to the recession, now living in Farmington, Utah.....No more Heber :-(. The good news is, I've been working part-time for my old friend Ken Jones @ Wild Diesel in Odgen, Utah (and no Muddy, not cleaning bathrooms ) but as a Service Tech/Sales "Dude". Great job, don't have to get dirty, BS with all the Old timers, argue with the young kids about performance mods. The Bad News is 110% of my pay goes directly back to Ken for all the crap I'm putting on my truck again, that I promised myself I would'nt ever do again... The shop is "smashed" everyday with work and doing very well. In a couple of weeks we will have the web site up and running, and looking forward to reaching out to touch someone. The site will be www.wilddiesel.com . Check it out or stop by in when you guys ever come south of the border. Ken plans on running his newly built pull truck this year at different events, and all of us from the shop are planning (weather permitting) going to the first event in Spokane next weekend..Should be fun. I'll close by saying my ass off to you guys keep up the good work, stay healthy, and breath a lot of smoke. Steve aka: HeberRam
  5. steve, good to see ya back :cheer:

  6. HeberRam

    Mini Dyno Day????

    Sorry I won't be able to make it this time. Putting in a new turbo tommorrow and the wifes birthday party is tommorrow nite as well. Weather has been sucky here in Utah. You guys have fun, and I'll be up on the next Dyno day...
  7. HeberRam

    Idaho Dyno Day Dec 9th 2006

    I signed myself up before Muddy could ban me from the site.. I'm trying to make it Saturday if weather permits..Would be nice to see everyone again. Steve P.S. fun site..you guys did a great job!!!! 8)