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  1. Big Horn

    Weekend on the Edge Sept. 5 & 6

    I am planning on going. I think a few more from DPD are giong down as well. It sould be a good time. It was fun last year but I was late so I will be down there by 3:00 also. I didn't get enough practice last year.
  2. I still haven't got mine yet. Does anyone have any contact info for them? I would like to call them and see whats up.
  3. Big Horn

    Everyone,, read up!!!!!

    This sounds like a great idea. Sort of a little Diesel Power Challenge on a local level. I would try to be there.
  4. Big Horn

    July12, DHRA Show Canceled

    what is this about drag racing in rigby on the 12th, anyone know?
  5. Big Horn

    Burley sled pull

    I had a great time and my truck ran good for the first hook of the year. I ended up 3rd in what they were callling the mod class. there was a great turn out I thought and I hope we can get as many or more up to the DHRA pulll this weekend. I would like to see some videos if anyone has any to post. I will try to get one posted of mine sometime tonight.
  6. Big Horn

    Dog days of summer 07

    Yea, I did end up in 1st, it was a bad track but a good time, and finally a good pay out.
  7. Big Horn

    Dog days of summer 07

    I had a great time last night also. I saw a few of you guys around but didn't get much time to talk. The pulls went good, I was glad to see a few more trucks pull last night, unlike Idaho falls disapointing turnout.
  8. Big Horn

    Pulls this saturday??

    Yea, 1st of the stock diesel class, I might try to make it over to Elko also but I'll have to see when it gets here.
  9. Big Horn

    Pulls this saturday??

    The new SRW Dodge is me and my name is Adam, I am new to this forum. It only took me one pull to be hooked. I will probably pull at bully dog also. I would invite all to come and try, I think I work my truck harder at work than 40 seconds hooked to a sled. One of these days I'll fill out my sig.
  10. Big Horn

    Pulls this saturday??

    I am going up to pull in I.F. on the 23rd, it should be a lot of fun. I didn't know about the 5:00 pre-pull. they must not have time for everyone at the 7:00. thanks.
  11. Big Horn

    Pulls this saturday??

    The pull in blackfoot starts at 7:00 and registration is 4:00-6:00. It is at the eastern idaho state fair grounds. Should be a great time
  12. Big Horn

    Pulls this saturday??

    There is also a pull in Blackfoot on friday night. It will be put on by the Rocky mountain pullers, Van Aaken, and Dominator performance Diesel. I am new to this forum so I haven't filled out my sig or anything yet. I am going to pull on friday any It would be nice to get as many trucks out as we can.