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  1. willja


    Congrats on the new baby!!!
  2. willja

    New to the Site!

    Welcome to the site!!
  3. willja

    BIG East side get together

    I should be able to at least make friday. I will enter both trucks. Sounds like it will be a good event:thumbup:
  4. willja

    broke down and bought a new truck

    Right on!! Congrats Nick
  5. Here is my mega cab stock here it is modded My 05 that I traded in And last my work truck
  6. willja

    Pulling Chocks

    Good luck in Alaska Nate.
  7. willja

    Kick ass new shirt

    X2!!!!!!!! That's awesome
  8. willja

    My wifes 4 point Muley

    Tell your wife congrats on the nice buck
  9. willja

    Had To Come!

    Welcome to the site!!
  10. willja

    I Saw Obama On The Tv

    Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing Muddy:rockin:
  11. willja

    Bad Hunting Trip!!!!!!!

    Dang it Dave that sucks. The door on my 02 got sprung while hunting last year got run off the road by an idiot that is a whole other story though.
  12. I agree but unfortuneatly I can't reschedule hunting season.
  13. I won't be able to make it. I will be chasing elk that week:rockin: . Hope you all have a good time.
  14. willja

    Hi Everyone

    welcome to the forum! Glad ya found it