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  1. Cumnspwr

    Newbie, Not really.

    Thanks! I hope to be up there soon. Cumnspwr
  2. Cumnspwr

    Newbie, Not really.

    Thanks! Is that your lifted black rig in your avatar? Cumnspwr
  3. Cumnspwr

    Newbie, Not really.

    Well I guess they're gonna make me start all the way back at post #1 here, so that makes me a newbie....grrrr. Anyways I'm over on CF, Cahammer directed me here as I will soon be moving to Boise, Idaho as soon as our house sells in Las Vegas, NV. Can't wait! I usually don't have many questions, but I can answer everyone elses! Once everything gets settled I will have to join you all for a meet. Cumnspwr