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  1. Morimoto HIDs

  2. A new injector seller?

    Don't even get me started on network problems. The scanner does nothing if it can't communicate, only a lab scope is going to help. I've seen dozens of replaced modules that didn't fix the problem, all because a scanner wouldn't communicate with the module. When CAN was standardized in 08, it got somewhat easier. Here's to hoping Flex Ray makes it easier still, because network problems are always a nightmare.
  3. A new injector seller?

    That's not what a scanner does. It simply tells you what code was flagged. Codes get flagged when a certain parameter or threshold was not reached. You still need to find why it wasn't reached. I use the data more than anything, it's invaluable for things like rich and lean codes, 02 codes and the most helpful of all, fuel trims. If you know what the parameters should be that is. If you don't, then the data isn't going to mean much. For instance, no scanner will tell you a cam sensor is bad. It simply tells you the signal was not received by the pcm, and sometimes gives clues like circuit high or circuit low, but those are only clues after checking the schematic, since you need to know which side of the circuit the sensor is on before high or low will tell you anything. Could be either side if DC or could even be ac which is completely different. Sometimes the codes are inderectly related, meaning an effect, not a cause. And tons of jobs have no codes at all. I get those constantly. I've seen cam codes caused by a shorted crk sensor, with no codes for the crank sensor. I've seen bad pcms cause this, with the only symptom being a code for no cam signal. No to mention more wiring faults than I could ever hope to remember. With probably half already having a new sensor because somebody threw a sensor at it simply because the code was tripped. Also, ya never know which ones are easy and which aren't. I just looked at a Forrester for an AC problem that is the most complicated circuit in recent memory. I probably spent two full hours just staring at the schematic trying to figure out exactly how this system worked. No codes, minimal bi directional control and exactly zero help from the scanner. That doesn't mean scanners don't help, of course they help, sometimes they help tremendously. But do the work for you? Not even close.
  4. Tow Pig Project

    You sure you wanna switch to a standard tranny?
  5. Tow Pig Project

    Nice clean looking work you're doing there. And Nice shop, especially the gantry. Wish I had one of those. Congrats on the son.
  6. Computers, guns, diesels...I think I'm going to like it here. Throw in machining and metrology and we have a clean sweep of all my current hobbies...though I do tend to go through hobbies like underwear.
  7. Air Cooled Hemi...

    For whatever reason, I've had a ton of hemis opened up. Mostly 5.7's but I've be done a couple 6.2? I think it is? Or 6.0 maybe? I also completely rebuilt one for a car lot that spent too much to cut it's losses. One of the few engines I've completely rebuilt. It had a failed rod bearing and was driven like that for good knows how long, but the crank was smoked. It's an okay engine, nothing special. Parts for it are super expensive for whatever reason. And it's heavy, really heavy. I bent a steel bar like a banana flipping one over on an engine stand. They tend to have a lot of valve train problems I've noticed. Particularly the lifters, and ya gotta pull the head to change em out. The variable displacement system is sweet when it works, but rare. I've only seen one of those compared to dozens of standard lifters. By the way, diesels have an equal amount of electronics and sensors, if not more. But the comment on them lasting longer on average is simply undeniable. Lots of reasons for it that I won't get into hear but it's simply a fact. The engineering that has gone into these diesels over the last ten years is astonishing. Those engineers were given a seemingly impossible task of squeezing a thousand lb-ft with near zero emissions and twenty miles a gallon... and they came through in spades. We have some very smart people working here in America. I'm super proud of them.
  8. A new injector seller?

    I hear on a pretty consistent basis how the "computer" hooks into the car and tells you what to fix. My question would be what is this computer they speak of and where can I get one? The reality is nothing could be further from the truth. The techs that replace parts based on what the scanner says are low payed and low skilled. Find another shop. Though I will say that quality diag techs are as rare as hens teeth. Most techs are somewhere in the middle.
  9. New guy

    Thanks dudes.
  10. New guy

    Sup y'all, just figured I'd introduce myself. I was referred here by a member from another forum. His name is plzstrokeme over there, not sure what it is here. Anyway, my name is Jamie, I'm 31. I have been a tech for about 10 years now. I'm ASE master certified with advanced engine performance certs too. Started on gas, then switched to a diesel tech for a couple years and now I do both. Pretty much the only job I've ever had was wrenching. My specialty is electrical and engine performance diagnostics. Some shops call it driveability, I simply call it diag. It pretty much sucks. Should have been a lawyer, or a doctor...engineer.... Anything thats a little more white collar. Oh well, too late now. I don't personally own a diesel yet but probably will someday. I don't have a preference between diesel and gas, I like them both for different reasons. And I don't really have a bias towards any of the big three, I hate them all for different reasons. Without a doubt the Duramax is the hardest to work on, though I have yet to do much work on the 6.7 powerstrokes so time will tell on that. If I had to pick a truck right now I'd probably take a 6.4 powerstroke or an LML Duramax. And that's all I have to say about that.