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  1. jamiesaun

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    Indeed. I've seen all kinds of stuff cause that. First time I experienced it I almost crapped my pants. It's flippin scary man.
  2. jamiesaun

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    I guess I don't really see much benefit from this. Unless suspension articulation is extreme, they seem like eye candy?
  3. jamiesaun

    Winter time is coming to Idaho

    I hate winter, hate the summer too. I'm more of a fall and spring kind of guy.
  4. jamiesaun

    Fire season sucks

    I'm confused why they would want a fire to continue. My buddy was a smoke jumper for a while. He loved it.
  5. jamiesaun

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    That was really difficult to read bud, lol, still didn't catch all of it but I think your saying the steering will be better, how so? Better in what way? Lastly, do you really need 200% better steering? Just some thoughts, it's your truck dude. Do whatever ya want with it. I certainly do with all my stuff. I'm about to complete rebuild the 3.4 in my Tacoma with a longer stroke and punch it .40 over. Why? Because I can of course, and I need another project.
  6. jamiesaun

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    Okay, I'm with ya. I would have to agree with the nay vote. Those are more for racing and crawling and such for more articulation I would guess. Definitely not on a daily driver for reasons already mentioned. A boot would help with that, but you're not really going to gain any on an daily truck. Also, the only way those will transmit more to the steering is if the steering was loose to begin with.
  7. jamiesaun

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    Sorry guy, I have no idea what heim steering is. Never heard of it.
  8. jamiesaun

    Here is what happens if you equalize charge a AGM battery

    Yep, makes sense, The less ya pull the longer they go. Sometimes I kind of miss working with large packs of deep cycles. I'd forgotten how cool they really are. Pretty cool stuff up ya got there man. I like it.
  9. jamiesaun

    Here is what happens if you equalize charge a AGM battery

    Sweet man. I used to work with those same batteries all the time back when I worked on golf cars. More commonly the 8v ones but sometimes 6. Heavy bastards aren't they? How long will those provide power, couple hours maybe? I guess it sort of depends on how much you're drawing though huh. It's been like twelve years or something, but I think I remember a 6 pack of 6v Batts would pass at 60 amps for one hour. That was for a golf cart though. I can't imagine you'd be drawing 60 amps out of those would ya?
  10. jamiesaun

    Here is what happens if you equalize charge a AGM battery

    Cool, what is that 96v or something? How do you turn that into 110ac?
  11. jamiesaun

    Here is what happens if you equalize charge a AGM battery

    Interesting. I've not heard of equalize charging before.
  12. Not to mention the start stop cars they're making now is pretty hard on the bearings. Ain't no way an engine will last undreds of thousands when it has to refill the bearings Everytime you stop at a red light.
  13. jamiesaun

    new gun confiscation law

    Yep, saw this one too. The colonization of formerly red States continues. These idiots flee their state that they f*cked up with they're ridiculous voting habits, yet continue to vote in a retarded manor. The liberal ideology has become a plauge on our society and way of life...and it's spreading fast. Somewhere along the way these parasites figured out if you inundate the youth, it's just a matter of time. We are losing this war gentleman. No state is immune, not even Idaho. But being as we're all in Idaho, I'm guessing you all already knew that...it's pretty obvious.
  14. jamiesaun

    I bought a pathfinder : (

    I think it looks pretty good. Don't like the two tone at all but the whole wheels look pretty sweet bro.