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  1. Me78569

    cummins mpg guide

    Here is an article I created about the same topic dealing with the oem timing map of the 2nd gens Driving For Optimal MPG vp44
  2. Me78569

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Timing a crude method

    timing Reduction scaling: This % controls how "fast" max timing is pulled. At 0 psi & %100 throttle you will get %100 of your timing reduction, but say at 5psi and %50 tps you might only get %50 of your timing pull. Say you want to only pull 2.5* of timing overall, but you want to do that across a broad area of the map. You would set your timing reduction to 5* and your scaling to %50, giving you a 2.5* pull of timing from 0-5psi and %50 throttle to %100 throttle, then a linear increase in timing as tps and or boost come up. where as if you set timing scaling to %100 then you would get 5* of timing pull and a linear increase in timing as boost comes up or tps decreases. My tunes use 5* of timing reduction and %50 scaling. I want 2.5* of timing pull, but I want that pull to happen right away and for a longer period of time. You can see an example. TPS is also part of the map, but that just makes it more confusing. As boost comes up timing reduct is reduced, but scaling the timing reduction will hold that timing reduction longer.
  3. Me78569

    Morimoto HID headlights for Dodge 2nd Gen Trucks

    Eye opening for the opt7 stuff