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    Check this out

    As for the craigslist for sale item, this kid was reimbursed 5 months ago for the turbo his isurance company purchased. It's hard to believe that I have to justify myself and business to a forumto try to keep a good name. I understand that not everyone know the individual circumstances, however someone alway jumps on the wagon with the person making a complaint. I do not post on this formum, does that mean I'm not worthing of this group, no I run a business that has nothing to do with your community, please respect that.
  2. TommyMotorsports

    Check this out

    I said nothing to any specific member, yes your forumn had a great turn out at the dyno event. My one and only post was for help with any info on who stole my wheels, if Snowman has issues please talk to him of the flaming. He apparently has to point out things that have no concern to him. What happened with Tommy Motorsports and Meridian Motorsports is of no concern to anyone but myself and Don. My Business has moved and that is it. I Apologize if I have said anything to affend anyone but you need to understand this is my business you are speaking of. YOMMT----you post Tommy Motorsports is no more!!!! Please make sure that you know what you are talking about before you post, PLEASE
  3. TommyMotorsports

    Check this out

    If you all have so many issues with Tommy Motorsports please feel free to voice your opinions any problems to me AT TOMMY MOTORSPORTS instead of complaining on a forumn where it does nothing to help you in the long run. If you have problems with something I have sold you, please let me know and I will make my best efforts to resolve the issue. However when this type of bashing goes on I do not feel sorry for you. Tommy Motorsports is a function and legit business feel free to call anytime.
  4. TommyMotorsports

    Idaho Dyno Days, May 19, 20 @ Mms

    I want to thank everyone who attended this weekends dyno. I hope that everything went as planned for all of the participants and we look forward to the next one in August. On a bad note I need to ask if anyone has any information on a set of Lexus IS300 wheels outside the shop that didn't make it through the weekend. Any information will be appreciated. Again thanks to everyone for the largest dyno day we have had to date. Tim Hicks Tommy Motorsports 521 E King St Meridian Id 83642