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  1. Darn! I have to get my wife to work by 7pm in Ontario. How are ya do'in Muddy?
  2. biohmmwv

    47rh upgrade decisions

    Thanks Mopar1973Man, but I'm going for a mechanical controller instead of a computer controlled one for the turbo. I like non computer controlled equipment on my truck. Otherwise, I'd be looking at putting a 64rfe transmission in my truck. haha. I'll give Dynamic trans a call. Thanks!
  3. biohmmwv

    47rh upgrade decisions

    First some background, The truck is my 95/01 Ram. I have a 47rh I'll be upgrading in the near future and am trying to figure out a upgrade route. I've done a lot of research and recently talked to Mat at Ultimate Transmission. I'm not doing anything that would be considered normal in the diesel truck (grunt grunt) world and am only shooting for 650 ft lbs of torque at the flex plate. I pulled a gasser 47rh at Jalopy and am planning a valve body plate upgrade ( obviously since it is currently set up for the v10), upgraded pistons, apply lever, billet anchor, upgraded steel front and rear planetaries and wiring in a manual override for the lockup. I would eventually like to have a shifter on the column that has the same type of pattern as a console shifter, i.e forward and back motion instead of up and down. I don't have an exhaust brake in the truck yet as I plan on putting a HE351VGT ( not to be confused with the he351cw) on the truck ( which has the exhaust brake function built in). So, my question is since I am not shooting for more than 650ft lbs, is a billet input necessary? Would a low stall torque converter (1,800 rpm) be worth the $1,000-1,400 price tag or would just a lock up switch be just as effective (my current torque converter has less than 20,000 miles on it)? Also, would a 1,800 rpm stall mean having to stand on the brake pedal at the stop light?
  4. biohmmwv

    95 12valve coolant temp goes up and down.

    It could be the the sending unit for the gauge or a wire between the gauge and sending unit. When it goes up and down, is it rock bottom to current temp or is it from 110f to current temp?
  5. biohmmwv

    WTB: Cummins 24 valve 98.5-02 exhaust manifold

    NVM I bought one off of Amazon
  6. I am looking for a 24 valve manifold for my wife's (new to us) truck. Let me know if you have one for sale, or have a lead on one. Cheap. haha
  7. Does anyone have or know where to get a Ford 34 spline Transfer case that is a core or the back end is busted? I'm making a doubler unit and I need the output shaft, input, planetary and front half of the case. Thanks Daniel.
  8. I can borrow a friends post hole digger, but someone else is going to have to do the digging as I am recovering from a bulging disc that happened a month ago.
  9. biohmmwv

    2001 Ford Expedition diesel ??

    I was thinking I would be better off with a mechanical injection engine that way I could fix it if/when there were problems and I could fine tune the system for bio diesel and hydrogen. But, if the 7.3 is easy to work on, tune, diagnose and can be bought cheaper than a Cummins I could go the 7.3 way. I guess the 460 gas in the ford and the vp44 on my Cummins put a bad taste in my mouth for electronics. Rocketnut,this is an expedition based off of the 1/2 ton chassis, not the behemoth Excursion.
  10. I bought a 2001 Ford Expedition for my wife with the idea of putting a diesel in it. It will mainly be an around town vehicle so I can't see putting a nice expensive Cummins in it. The conversion with engine, trans, ect... would cost minimum $3000. I thought a 4 banger Isuzu or Mitsubishi diesel would be better for the budget but ( from my calling around) they are minimum $1,200 for just the engine if you can find one. Cummins 4 cylinder is a no go due to noise and lack of availability. So...... I thought why not a 6.9 IDI turboed? The engines are relatively cheap I just need a turbo on it and an E4OD behind it. I'd run bio in it and do a Hydrogen set up for it. With 3.55 gearing in the rear the trucks got 20-21 mpg mixed driving. I might be able to get it to 23-24 with the hydrogen. Good idea, bad idea, does someone else have a cheap option or a line on an inexpensive Japanese engine?
  11. biohmmwv

    .22 lr. why cant i find?

    Gunbot.com is also good.
  12. biohmmwv

    Need a ZF-6?

    Just got back into the US. Thanks Dan for posting this and Muddy for the post bump. I don't need it because 90mph is fast enough for the HMMWV, so I don't need the overdrive gear. Also, my wife's Expedition needs a Cummins transplant.