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  1. Haven heard of buzzers being used, lots of guys using the warning lights though. Whatever works as long as you protect that VP!
  2. vulcan


    Got it.
  3. vulcan

    vulcan sale

    Vulcan sale Gauge kits- All 3 pillar gauge kits 5 dollars off, and free 48 state shipping* Fireball injectors- free 48 state shipping FASS- -All FULL systems get these free upgrades- ½ “ Bio-fuel upgrade Vulcan draw straw II -All HPFP pumps get choice of ONE of the following- ½†line upgrade Filter to injection hose Vulcan draw straw II And as always free 48 state shipping Vulcan performance packages- 2nd gen- Quadzilla Adrenaline Diamond Eye 4†aluminzed turbo back exhaust system Isspro 3 pillar gauge pacakage with boost pyro and fuel pressure Quadzilla monster intake 1299 includes free 48 state shipping 3rd gen- Quadzilla x2 standard Diamond Eye 5†aluminized turbo back exhaust system Isspro 3 pillar gauge pacakage with boost pyro and fuel pressure Quadzilla monster intake 1299 includes free 48 state shipping Add a full FASS system and receive 75 dollars off the performance package. And choose between a ½†line upgrade or Vulcan draw straw II. Free shipping on all orders over 100 dollars These are deals for forum members only and need to be ordered by phone , or feel free too pm us. For Alaska, Hawaii, and Canadian customers please call for shipping quotes. Thanx for helping support the site. 1-866-446-1043
  4. vulcan

    Fass system special

    Buy any fass complete system, and receive a free 1/2" line upgrade with all fittings, and a vulcan draw straw 2. And as always free ground shipping on ALL fass units. This is till Oct 31st. pm me or visit the website Please be sure to mention you are from Idaho bombers. thanx Vulcan
  5. ISSPRO Gauge Package #1 FREE SHIPPING to US(includes alaska and hawaii) and Canada!!! If your looking for great gauges at a great price your in the right place! Only $269.99 for our ISSPRO EV Series Gauge Package Special! Check out what the kit includes: EV Series </B>fuel pressure gauge 0-30 with isolator, gauge hose, tubing kit, fill kit and fittings. EV Series boost gauge 0-60 , boost bolt, tubing kit and fittings. EV Series pyrometer, 6' lead wire and thermocouple w/ 1/8 NPT connection. Full triple gauge A pillar pod (black only). Wiring kit for gauge lights. Drill and tap for pyrometer now included! Please select gauge color and pillar below. We have this same package for 03-06 for just $20 more. Trans temp may be substituted for fuel pressure upon request. No other substitutions. Please fell free to pm me or order directly throught the site. Also great deals on all fass products. thanx Vulcan
  6. vulcan

    Fule Pressure Probs

    We'll have to add this to the instructions.
  7. vulcan

    Fuel tank inspection...

    You know some tanks I've seen are almost pristine inside while others are real bad. We did one a while back that had a nasty dark sludge in the screen and around the module. Yuk.
  8. vulcan


    Just got the slotted and dimpled front rotors on today along with Hawk pads. They seem to stop better than the OEM but we'll see as I get some miles on them.
  9. vulcan

    New gauge pod finished!

    Very cool. I appreciate that kind of custom stuff. Great job.
  10. vulcan

    Where to Install the Boost guage....

    Boost bolt is real easy, I think most do it that way.
  11. vulcan

    fuel pressure kit

    Assuming you have a 12mm banjo you can put it on the fuel filter outlet, if its a 14mm you can put it on the injection pump inlet. Then get an 1/8 MP X 04 JIC(AN) fitting and cap, thread that into the tapped banjo bolt for an easy access port and your good to go. E
  12. vulcan

    Overflow Valve?

    Weve set up a couple of regulators like that for guys and they like it.
  13. The newer pumps aren't as strong as the older ones, when I took my OEM pump out last year it was doing 16.5 at idle and 13-14 WOT with the big line kit. Thats stock engine of course.
  14. vulcan


    SHHH, don't tell anyone! How goes it? Eric
  15. vulcan

    Welder Q's

    Don't know about the newer Lincoln but I use a 250a Lincoln mig with a lot of time on it and it still works great. My tig is a Miller and its a good machine too.