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  1. My oldest boy is turning 18 soon and me and the wife were thinking about getting him his own truck.It makes me think back to when I was a dumb ass teenager with my own rig that my dad bought me. A 74 Ford Bronco. Sh** I got into trouble in that thing! What were your guys first rigs?

    1. MUDDY


      good morning Tim! 


      may i also suggest posting on a forum section for more exposure than this profile messenger. http://idahoturbodiesels.com/


      it is great to have you here.


      @ 18 i would not turn him loose with a cummins and the knowledge to make it run real good. :)


      74 bronco, awesome. it be nice to have that now in good shape. im kicking myself for not snapping up a clean uncut early bronco a few years back when i could actually afford one.


      for me, i started with a cushman truckster. first truck and i was 7. graduated to a great running 318 powered 55 doge half ton swb stepside and the first subaru with 4wd that came out. then a 74 jeep j20 with a 401 which i dont understnad why i didnt kill myself in with the stupid stunts i used to pull as a young man.


      it will be awesome to meet you and yours at an upcoming dinner meet. :cheer: