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  1. Just reminding everybody that we will be having a pull in Filer this saturday, the 19th at 7:00 pm. Please be registered and weighed in by 5:00. For rule info go to www.unitedpullers.net. Hope to see some of you there!!
  2. Blown on Alky

    June 21st Sledpull in Idaho Falls

    We called Larry last week to make SURE that you guys would all be getting paid and he said that you definitely would. We offered to join up with the DHRA to bring you guys a paycheck and we just wanted to make sure that was going to happen. Hopefully those of you that placed will be seeing them soon
  3. Blown on Alky

    Everyone,, read up!!!!!

    We're in as long as the date doesn't conflict with one of our other shows. We could run the show just how we run ours (3 diesel classes) if everybody wanted to. If somebody could find a little extra gas money I'm sure we could even get the Smoker Tractors and both Detroit trucks there. I've never pulled or even seen the fairgrounds in Gooding so I have no idea what it is like (or even if it's a 300' track). Burley and Rupert aren't too far from Gooding and they both have fairgrounds. I'm sure I could get you guys in Rupert but Burley is a pretty tough cookie to crack. I've got ties with all of the radio stations, sooper ads, thrifty nickels, etc. around so I would be happy to get that going for you. We can even use our poster people if needed. Let me know how I can help...
  4. Blown on Alky

    July12, DHRA Show Canceled

    It's confirmed guys, the pull on July 12th is off Both Ogden shows and the nationals on the 16th are still on.
  5. Blown on Alky

    Everyone,, read up!!!!!

    Tell you guys what, put something like this together and count the United Pullers in (just as long as it doesn't conflict with one of our pull dates). Just as a heads up though, we have tried doing shows in the Boise area and never had good luck. The best turnout we ever did have over there was in Meridian. Probably 500 people in the stands was all though. Sandy Downs in Idaho Falls is only $600 plus a $200 cleaning deposit. Pretty cheap arena rental compared to any of the other places we put on shows. i.e. Elko is $2400 a night! We are really trying to push the sport for you guys out here. Like I've said, keep supporting us and we will keep supporting all of you! Let me know how we can help...
  6. Blown on Alky


    Yes, the pull is at 7:00 with registration closing at 5:00. www.unitedpullers.net for rules. BTW, I vote for Sean to drive as well! Hope to see you all there!! ps...The party after the pull will be at the Red Lion
  7. Blown on Alky

    Morgan, UT this weekend!

    It is a short track, bout 250 to the gate. You can nose the truck out the gate but it makes a pretty hard right so you don't want to have too much speed when you get there. Little heads up, the track is usually pretty sandy but it holds the moisture pretty well. I have learned that in my blown 2 wheeler and my 4 wheel drive that less tire speed is usually better, unless you've got some radical tires to get it hooked. I probably won't even open the 2 wheeler up much past half throttle just because the track usually won't handle it down there. Still a lot of fun, especially since it's the first pull of the year for us
  8. Blown on Alky

    Morgan, UT this weekend!

    Hey Jake - Bought the new gooseneck enclosed today...you are welcome to throw your mattress in the top and ride down to morgan with us. Maybe you can find a sweetheart to share it with when you get down there
  9. Blown on Alky

    Morgan, UT this weekend!

    Just reminding everybody that the Morgan, UT pull is this saturday, June 7th! There will be a club luncheon at 1:00 and the show starts at 7:00. PLEASE be registered and weighed in by 5:00!! We will be doing a tech inspection so it will help the club out the earlier you get there. Also, the Idaho Falls DHRA/United pull is June 21st at Sandy Downs. Diesel registration opens at 10:00 and closes at noon...this means you must be weighed, registered, and teched by noon. We want to put on a good, fun event for the DHRA in support of them coming out west. Just got word that we will be running DHRA rules for the DHRA shows. You can get them from their website at www.dhraonline.com. Get in touch with Terry from Moonlight with any questions about the rules. If anybody has any questions or needs directions/hotel rooms/local breweries for any of the pulls, shoot me an email at skyler.neibaur@aggiemail.usu.edu or call me (208) 670-0996. www.unitedpullers.net Thanks again and hope to see you all soon!!
  10. Blown on Alky

    sled pull events

    That's correct. DHRA diesel pull at 1:00, United mod show at 7:00. The top 3 from each class in the DHRA show will be invited to pull in the mod show
  11. Blown on Alky

    united pullers schedule 2008

    Yes in the tip is just fine. It just has to be "somewhere in the exhaust after the turbo".
  12. Blown on Alky

    united pullers schedule 2008

    Remember guys, everybody is allowed one warning to get their safety equipment installed. That means that if you are only going to pull once, don't let the driveshaft shields stop you. Our tech guys will give you a warning that if you come back to pull at another show, you will need to have them on.
  13. Blown on Alky

    united pullers schedule 2008

    How do you know if you don't try Jake? How many times have we discussed that horsepower isn't everything on dirt?
  14. Blown on Alky

    united pullers schedule 2008

    Sure you will...Just go find some aluminum and bolt them on. They are really simple to do. I'm sure that Terry or Shane would be happy to give you some ideas since they have already done them.
  15. Blown on Alky

    united pullers schedule 2008

    Super Modified Diesel Any diesel engine is allowed. Unlimited turbos or superchargers. Nitrous Oxide is NOT allowed. Propane, water, and alcohol injection are allowed. Mechanical or Electronic fuel injection permitted. Front disc brakes are mandatory. Aftermarket transmissions and transfer cases are allowed. All automatic transmissions MUST be covered by an SFI 4.1 approved or better, full length safety blanket. Exhaust must have either two 7/16†dia. bolts placed through the pipe perpendicular to each other, or a screen of the exact pipe diameter placed in the pipe(s) somewhere after the turbocharger(s). Exhaust(s) must exit either straight up or straight down. Wheelbase shall not exceed 154â€. 26†maximum hitch height. The hitch must be rigid in all directions and solidly mounted to the frame. Only pulling tires will be allowed. Maximum 34†tall and 18†wide. Hanging weights are allowed but cannot extend more than 60 inches from centerline of front axle. No loose weights in cab or under hood will be allowed. All trucks will have a 360 degree metal shield around the universal joints, 5/16†steel or 3/8†aluminum. Minimum width to be 6 inches. Clearance should not exceed 2 inches between shield and universal joint. Shield should not be butt or seam welded. All trucks must have three(3) round metal loops shielding on each drive shaft. (A two piece drive shaft must have six(6) metal loops.) A 360 degree loop must be a minimum of 3/8†wide or wider, and not more than 2 inches from the shaft in any direction. End loops must be placed no farther than 6 inches from universal joints, with a third loop in the center of the shaft, or it can be a solid tube (5/16†steel or 3/8†aluminum) meeting the above requirements. No cast metal is permissible. From the point of hook to the centerline of the rear axle shall be no less than 36% of the pickup or van wheelbase. Axles and hub bolt shields are required on all rear ends unless it is a planetary drive rear end. The minimum is 1/16 (0.060) thick steel. The hub bolts should be shielded on both front and rear axles. The mounting shield cannot be mounted to the axle end or the hub bolts. A hole may be installed in the center of the front shield so the lock can be operated, so long as the hub end or axle bolts are covered. Vertical bumpers are required to prevent the vehicle from passing over the buckboard of the sled while backing up to hook and unhook. Bumpers to extend a minimum of 8 inches vertically. Bumpers must be of rigid construction. A neutral safety switch light system is required on all pulling vehicles. A white light, automotive quality, minimum 2 inches in diameter, must be mounted directly above or below safety kill switch at the rear of the vehicle. A light in the driver’s compartment must be operated off the same system. Both lights are to be activated by the shift lever so the lights will be lit ONLY when the vehicle is in neutral. Air or fuel Shutoff's required- consisting of (1) cable/switch to the rear of the truck to be operated by the sled, and also a cable/switch inside the driver's compartment Solid suspensions are allowed. All drivers must wear a minimum SFI 3.2 Spec. approved fire suit. Seat belts and helmets, minimum Snell 75, are required. A fire extinguisher in working condition is required to be within easy reach of the driver.