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    600HP no drugs stock cp3 on an 03

    yea -- I meant no downloader. stock ECM code, in other words. I think its significant that just the DDP injectors and the TST with no pressure stack has yielded these numbers. 598 on Lenny's stingy 248 dynojet over in Monroe. With 35" tires too, which I',m guessing takes away some when you're on an inirtia dyno...
  2. thought this might be of interest. I was preparing for my next TDR article on 3rd gen power enhancements and made 598 perfectly streetable uncorrected horsepower on a dynojet 248. Too bad my 35" toyos were on there or I might have broke 600 (smaller tires accelerate faster). straight #2 ULSD 305HP "555" from 03-04 stock CP3 stock ECM programming ATS compounds -- aurora 2000 on top and 5000 on bottom off-the-shelf 90HP nozzles from DDP off-the-shelf TST PowerMax on level 5 no drugs, no programmer, no kidding. rail pressure stays up to stock levels too!
  3. man I wish my schedule would some day sync better with you guys. tied up again on a dinner meet -Doug (rail pressure gauge guy)
  4. Hey muddy good job on the site. I should hang out here more :-). just put on 35" MTs and new Centerline Wheels! when I figure out how to post pics I will!