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  1. cumminspatrol

    old red 92 dodge with rockwells

    its not cut up.its safe and sound in my shop.still runs like a champ.
  2. cumminspatrol

    overheating issue

    fans are working properly.i have phisically put my hand behind them and they are in fact moving air the correct way.is there a way the pump would be turning backward if i havnt messed with the pump since it was working well in the doner vehicle?i havnt pulled the pump or inspected it.it would be very unlikley but not impossible for a pump to go bad in the process of a motor swap.i am not using the original radiator ,but a used alluminum radiator pulled from a v8 jeep in unknown condition.
  3. cumminspatrol

    overheating issue

    i have replaced my thermostat,and removed it as my original post stated.i know my pump is turning the right way because i can see coolant circulating through the radiator. i didnt have any issues with overheating when it was in the step van.so i can only assume the problem lies with something i changed. the radiator i have installed is the largest i can fit with my current setup.
  4. cumminspatrol

    overheating issue

    my fans are spinning the correct way,i havnt checked for radiator pressure but i havnt seen any other signs of a blown head gasket.and i dont think the head gasket should have blown at those boost levels.40psi is the highest it has ever seen 2 or 3 times.i have been told my lower radiator hose could be colapsing while driving because there is no spring inside.looking into the radiator it doesnt look corroded or anything.my gauge is working perfectly or i assume my cap wouldnt be spitting fluids above 200.i havnt had the space in the shop to work on it latley but im going to implement some of the ideas suggested here and would like more suggestions to consider as well.thanks for the help
  5. cumminspatrol

    High mpg ctd project

    ive never heard of 30 to 40 mpg in a frito layes stepvan.my friend gets 19mpg in his 4bt step van.he probably only has 1000-1500 lbs of work suff in it and he is pretty light on the right foot.i get around 25 with my 4bt.my rig weighs in around 5300lbs. i do think those milage figures are obtainable,but starting with a heavy vehicle puts you at a disadvantage already.all that being said,it would still be a neat project.if it were up to me i would put a cummins in every vehicle on the road.
  6. cumminspatrol

    overheating issue

    all three of my fans are pulling.my egts are good.
  7. cumminspatrol

    overheating issue

    maybe i will try that flush.were do i get ahold of the acid. yes,my temp will rise higher than 210.i just dont let it.i pull over and wait for it to chill.
  8. cumminspatrol

    overheating issue

    i have a 66 patrol with the 4bt,compounds hx30/hx50 40psi,4"side dump exhaust,3200gsk,minor pump mods,sm 465/np205,dana 60/dana 70 with 3.07 gears.also a aluminum radiator measureing 27"x15"x2.25".intercooler in front of radiator.also have two 7"electric fans and one 10" electric fan.my temp will gradually climb over 200 in amost any extended driving condition.any grade will cause it to overheat quickly.even cruising @50 mph no incline it will keep creeping over 200. all fandsare working and turning the proper direction,the temp gauge is correct,ive replaced the thermostat,ive taken the thermostat out,fluids are all fresh,air pasage ways are unabstructed through radiator. the radiator was used when i bought it and installed it.the overheating issue has been an issue since day one.im ready to try a new radiator but would like some suggestions before i fork up the money and effort to do so.thanks in advance.andy
  9. cumminspatrol

    the old red 92

    i wouldnt have been able to bring myself to cut up a truck as clean as the b4 picture,well actually maybe i would.BOMB.better off modified baby. just for the record teds red 92 wasnt near that clean when he bought it,but still a nice truck.just wait till he gets the flatbed built for it and sprays a menacing paint job on it,custom bumpers,big winch,external roll cage,on board air,power inverter,HELLA off road lights,exhaust stack,ect.thats gonna be one cool rig!!hey ted,can i borrow that sometime? how about building a trailer with your extra pair of 52s and your extra rear rockwell?that would be a big trailer.you could haul a little lawnmower around with it just for fun.could you run a driveshaft to the trailer?that would be cool too.keep up the good work ted.
  10. cumminspatrol


    teds rig will be able to run down the highway with no vibration or steering issues.it will be no commuter unless you call truckin to your favorite camping spot commuting.those tires do seem a little stiff but thats not always a bad thing.it will make road handling characteristics much better than a comparable sized super swamper. as for being street legal,half the vehicles i drive technically are not street legal.but ive done my best to consider the toyota prias's on the road by running mud flaps and fender flares when needed.your project is so sweet big daddy.keep up the great work and stay motivated! ps.did your wife give you that name?
  11. i have a 66 nissan patrol i bought 3 years ago.i have been working on it for about a year.i love my d250 cummins so i put the 4bt in the patrol.dana 60 front and rear.sm465/np205. 4 link.hummer beadlock runflat wheels,35inch big o mudders.ive done some turbo stuff and injector mods(thanks for your coaching Swank).im really just learning how to tune everything in right now.its only been on the road 4 weeks and ive been out of town for 3 of those weeks.im hopeful you guys will share some of your knowledge with me.i can use all the help i can get!! looking forward to the 26th.
  12. looking forward to attending bomb party.never been before.i just got my ride running 4 weeks ago.now im just trying to tune it all in.hope to get accuainted with some of you there.and maybe install a 366 spring in my 4bt.