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    Another newbie Ford guy

    Thanks for the welcomes. I guess I need to re-edit my sig somehow to show that I'm from Boise (actually right on the Meridian/Boise border, so I guess I'm from the Border). Still call Montana my home though even after 12years here. The sticker would be awesome, thanks DoubleL is for my last name (Lloyd), not in construction. Actually an Electrical Engineering Degree puts onsite supporting Micron. Actually looking forward to the Dyno day as I have no idea what my truck will do and probably will create a whole new list for me to work on:oops:
  2. DoubleL

    Another newbie Ford guy

    Hey everyone, Just happened upon this site the other day and very glad to have found it. Always surfin' other diesel sites and wondering about local events like those I've seen in bigger areas. This is my first diesel of about 2 years now, but my PMS is terminal and I can't seem to quit. So please be careful on letting me know what my truck needs or is lacking, my wife does not respond well to the mod list which is ever growing.