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    My job is what ever I want it to be that day. I do some summertime painting on houses.
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    Newly retired
  1. clutch

    Fuel Pressure

    With the Fass pump I have 16psi at idle and around 12 at wot. I like it.
  2. If your trailer has brakes on it they should only be done by hand. A very common problem with axle lubers is too much grease getting past the seals and into the brakes.
  3. clutch

    N. ITD 2ND!!! Dinner Meet.

    Sallie and I usually make it to these dinners. We will be in Boise next weekend to attend a dinner for a friend but after that we are open. I haven't been checking on this board for a while because we were in Arizona for the winter. I will check in on a regular basis now.
  4. clutch

    Laptop took a dump.

    Our old comlputer took a dump last week and I am typing this on a new laptop.
  5. clutch

    Spokane,WA IBF Dinner Meet

    Good food and great company. It was a small turnout but it was fun.
  6. clutch

    How not to work out!

    YMMOT you have way to much time on your hands.
  7. clutch

    How not to work out!

    Meg, good find. My eyes are watering.
  8. clutch

    The Redneck Idahoan...

    If you are a school teacher and you can make $5000 a year more by moving to any neighboring state you must live in Idaho. If you can black out a hiway and nobody reports you you must live in Idaho. If you see an ad in the newspaper asking to hire a hooker you must live in North Idaho.
  9. clutch

    Square peg.. Round Hole ??

    BigBulley I know that change is difficult for some of us. Just go with it.
  10. clutch

    Spokane,WA Diesel Dinner Meet

    Chris, I am in St.Maries. Is it ok if Sallie and I come?
  11. clutch

    NEW to site DoubleDMax

    Welcome to the IBF:thumbup:
  12. clutch


    Well accidents do happen.
  13. clutch

    Ford Supports Gays?

    I don't care if they do support gays. They are still 3rd or 4th on my trucks to own list.
  14. clutch

    How did you learn about IBF?!

    Desperado told me.
  15. clutch

    My pickup is back on the road........whoo hoo!!!

    So what was the problem??? That is good news Chris.