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  1. KRP

    ICP Resistance Mod Results

    Hey fellas! It's been awhile hasn't it?
  2. KRP

    ICP Resistance Mod Results

    IVS controlled relay to engage it will fix the idle. Not much to it, easy to put a Pot in there too so you can turn the resistance up and down.
  3. KRP

    headstud retorque

    I agree with POWERTRIP. New studs and/or gaskets would be a different story
  4. KRP

    EBPS tube on a sunday.

    Lake City's parts counter used to be open on Sundays, you just had to go through the back door. I'm not sure if they still are, and it's too late to help today of course.
  5. ""Idaho Bombers Forum---- Don't like the name tough s***" " I think Brian and Tom are on the right path here, but if something has to be added then "The ..." is the way to go with it.
  6. KRP

    Tom here is my old 6.5L

    Hmmm! Getting towed by a Ford, that looks familiar Steve. Sorry, I had to get that in before Tom did.
  7. KRP

    DIY 2 Micron Filter Install.

    Good info there. I was going to install that filter on my truck but then I scored a Dahl-100 on ebay for $13. A good fuel filter is a great addition to help prevent damage to expensive$$$ injectors.
  8. KRP

    Getrag Tranny Sauce ???

    What fluid do they use in them, gear oil or ATF? We used to put a quart of Power Punch in the old NP 4 speeds and it made a huge difference in how they shifted. Those transmissions used gear oil though, if it uses ATF I don't have a good recommendation.
  9. KRP

    Bypass Oil Filters

    For those that haven't been there, this site and it's forum have more info on oils, lubricants, and filters than you can probably ever comprehend or need. http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/
  10. KRP

    Bypass Oil Filters

    I went back and did some re-reading on the subject. I am assuming that you are an Amsoil dealer, if so does Amsoil no longer recommend the use of the dual bypass on the PSD? The PSD PCM doesn't monitor oil pressure so setting a code isn't an issue with it. I realize the application here is a Cummins, but restriction is restriction and not something I would want on any engine.
  11. KRP

    Bypass Oil Filters

    I've heard that they don't flow enough oil and can starve the engine. The single is fine because it doesn't move the stock filter.
  12. KRP

    Bypass Oil Filters

    The Oilguard/Racor filter is supposed to be very good. Any properly set-up system should be better than none. I've heard bad things about Amsoil's dual bypass, but the single is supposed to work well. If you don't want to spend alot of money you should be able to piece together a system with parts from NAPA for less than $100. I haven't looked into it for awhile so my price figure might be a little off.
  13. KRP

    so i got a 6.2

    Steve's right on about the helicoils. Much cheaper and easier than swapping the block.
  14. KRP

    HPOP pressure gauge....

    It's actually positive displacement. The big HEUI CATs use an HPOP with an adjustable swash plate though I believe.
  15. KRP

    Tranny Swap?

    Tom's explanation is good, but it is mechanically operated tranny behind a gas engine explanation I think. Your transmission is electronically controlled, thats what the E in E40D is for. IDI motors have an injection pump lever sensor I believe which monitors throttle position. I think the tranny control uses this sensor, plus engine RPM, and there are a couple of VSS sensors that it uses also I think. I don't have one of these trucks with an auto, or a wiring diagram or I could probably tell you more. I'm guessing that if you do the swap and keep the stock wiring you will get an SES light because there is no auto tranny for the computer to monitor anymore, otherwise I think it will run and work fine. This is only a guess though. I also don't know about the ABS and how or if it interacts with the tranny computer.