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  1. Thanks Mike! Hopefully I can rustle up some activity. If any of the viewers out there have a facebook account and are following the ITD page, please share it publicly on your own timeline or send and "invite friends to like" to people you think may be interested. Lets stir the coals a bit and breath some fire back into the group.
  2. Not sure of the functionality as I have no test rig in that variety but the parameter set looks decent enough.
  3. Screenshot of the 1998.5 software. I always have my software with me at the dinner meets if you ever want to throw an eyeball on it.
  4. UDC Pro is going back as early as 1998.
  5. UDC Pro does have the option for boost/fuel limiting for an '02.
  6. Here is a very good read but not the one I was looking for. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2212540X14000248
  7. @Mopar1973Man I've been looking for the good article on the timing/rail pressure but haven't found it yet. There are quite a few good reads but I just can't seem to find the good one I saw before. I haven't forgot about it and I will find it as it has some information I could really use if I'm able to de-nerd it a bit.
  8. @Mopar1973Man https://www.researchgate.net/publication/282077211_The_impact_of_intake_air_temperature_on_performance_and_exhaust_emissions_of_a_diesel_methanol_dual_fuel_engine
  9. Anyone have a spare S475 96/1.32 laying around? I'm betting that would fix my drive pressure issue so I'd feel comfortable on a dyno....
  10. Just dropped the Diamond Eye (straight through) replacement muffler on my '05. The stock muffler had a couple holes open up in the side of it. I'm still running 4" with the cat still installed. The sound changed very little from stock. A little deeper outside the truck but I can't tell the difference in the cab without standing on the throttle. Even when I'm "giving her the berries" loaded there is no drone and sound in the cab is hardly increased. I don't have to adjust the radio volume and there is no need to raise your voice to be heard. It sounds surprisingly close to stock. I cant hear any difference in turbo whine from the twins.
  11. Stickers (need), cards, flyers, etc... I'm in. Where can I pick em up?
  12. Family coming to town this weekend or we'd head out to join in.
  13. Glad to be here and hoping to join in a gathering soon. Looks like a great crowd. Living life one transmission, headstud/gasket, steering kit ... ahh hell, general Mopar issue at a time.
  14. Haha .. ancient post but there is now someone here with "some" knowledge on the subject. Hopefully you aren't still waiting.