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  1. @pfc.hays Here is a tag to your thread good sir.
  2. 4Play

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    I'll have to snap a few more pictures on the setup. Drag link/track bar angle can easily be an exact match. Mine just needs rotated a hair more. I haven't done a final adjustment on anything yet. I removed a 6" lift from the truck and got things set to be drive-able. I still need to take some length out of the track bar to recenter the axle and steering wheel. Currently it drives great but could use a tiny bit more tweaking. There is an adjustment on both sides of the tie rod so steering center would not need to be changed for toe adjustment. I've seen plenty of heim boots in the Jeep/buggy community so I know there are quite a few options for protection if wanted. I've never had an issue with the teflon coated joints. The non-coated ones would get some buildup and start sticking a bit. I did read an article on the non-coated joints that mentioned they should either be run completely dry unless using a boot to keep the grease from collecting dirt. This was also for a strictly off road application mind you. I would never run the non-coated joints in any application. I'll keep you posted if I ever experience any issue. One other thing on the kits that have the drag link running all the way to the knuckle, usually they will only work with a lifted truck using a track bar drop bracket to get the angles closer and they also typically require a larger rim since they have more hardware bolting together at the knuckle and encroaching on the rim.
  3. Good chow and lots of room. Come join the crowd!
  4. 4Play

    2nd Gen Dodge Track Bar

    If anyone needs to borrow a ball joint press let me know. I've got the big OTC set. The thing is a beast and has a ton of adapters.
  5. It might very well be a shorter visit but I will make it!
  6. 4Play

    3rd Gen Air Bag Recall

    Done recently from Peterson's as well. Same story. They came to my workplace and had it done in the time it took me to walk back to my shop. I should have just stayed and waited.
  7. 4Play

    ITD Dinner Meet

  8. I should be able to make the 20th. Looks like the work schedule will align.
  9. 4Play

    happy thanksgiving 2017

    Happy Turkey Day everybody!!
  10. 4Play

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    I would have to agree that 90+ lbs of just tire with the immense added dimensional forces can eat a factory front end extremely fast once one component starts to get loose. Adding a lift and more leverage/bushing deflection seems to be a perfect recipe for a short lived front end and the road to death wobble. One shot of death wobble can wreak havoc on all components in seconds with that much weight sitting over the steering. I loved having the extra clearance and the look was much better but its all stock height for me now. I'm still running 34x12's but everything is staying tight and there seems to be no premature wear. The damn heims and bars are monsters and I cant see them ever being an issue unless its wear from pure mileage and use. They are still a wear item but I don't see that happening any time soon. Maybe if the Teflon were to wear off but there is no sign of that at all yet. I have to say, I inspect everything regularly and its pristine. I've swapped to a better control arm and track bar setup which made a huge improvement as well. I never liked the stock deflection and the squishy feeling it gave. It also eliminated almost all of the pull from ruts. The ride is much more positive and the response over stock is great. I figured it would be very harsh but comparing to my old man's exact truck (all OEM@40k miles) save for the 3500/2500 difference I think its a much better driving experience. Mine feels like its on rails compared to his. I also swapped to different ball joints but not sure that would have been an issue after the arms and steering. My only regular concern is the unit bearings. I've had to replace one set but with the design and being a wheel bearing, its just the price of doing business. The steering gearbox... maybe. I can see it not holding up to the larger tire setup but not as likely. Once I drop on the bumper/grille/winch I may reduce the tire size a bit but I'll see how she does.
  11. 4Play

    Dash cams

    https://dashboardcamerareviews.com/ some ideas on here.
  12. 4Play

    Bug a salt rifle

    They work quite well. Had one for a while now. Just don’t get too close. You’ll have quite the explosive situation.
  13. 4Play

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    Wiped out 3 different variations of the stock steering and had death wobble many times. The truck had 15k on it when I bought it and all 3 setups only lasted a few thousand before wiping out rod ends. Swapped to the heims and never have worn any out yet. Never experienced death wobble with this setup but it seemed on the verge until I replaced almost every single steering component on the truck. Steering is crisp and clean now even after running 37s for quite some time. She's back to stock with 34s and been doing great for more than 100k. I'm guessing if you get a truck with a decent front end to start it may never be an issue. I just couldn't drop the coin on the entire front end when I bought it so I went with heims. Probably would have replaced it all at some point anyway. From all the research I've done it seems as though some trucks never have an issue and others have every issue. My luck always follows the latter.