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  1. Morimoto HIDs

    Holy jeez! Definitely something I will need to look into. I spend plenty of time traveling through elk and deer country holding my dimmer switch in the bad parts to get high/low/fogs at the same time and still be able to quickly shut it down in time for oncoming traffic. I'll be putting the full bumper/guard on first since the lights still don't help with the suicidal ninja critters that jump out of places the lights just cant get to. Also to protect fancy lights such as those from whatever may want to harm them. On that note, I've been searching the manufacturers to find a grille/bumper that includes the options of a 16.5k winch/receiver for a 3rd gen. Ranch Hand no longer supports that specific style. So far, Fab Fours is the only one I can find that has the option listed. I'm sure others would provide both at a comparable cost but I haven't gotten around to calling yet. I would love to fab my own but currently don't have the time/tools/materials to see it through. I feel I'm taking a huge risk with a very large amount of money sitting behind a plastic grille (even more with a nice set of Morimoto D2S HIDs) and want to remedy the situation as quick as possible. If anyone has any leads on a good setup of that nature, shoot me a pm. Thanks for the great post Mike!!
  2. Gotta love the progression of technology. It amazes me that people spend $4000 on a gaming computer that could be outdated by the time it ships.
  3. ignition from projectiles

    Ha! My 10 month old can accomplish the same thing banging two rocks together in a patch of cheat grass.
  4. We do have a site on FB. I'm working to help update it a bit so any posts or traffic people can provide is appreciated. https://www.facebook.com/idahoturbodiesels
  5. In case any of you are interested in seeing what your truck had for equipment when it was made: - Go to this website ---> http://www.dodge.com/webselfservice/dodge/index.html - Click on the link down the left side of the page that says "Equipment List" - Enter your VIN in the smaller search bar and click search :cheers:
  6. An updated version of this anniversary post would be great for the Facebook page. I hate to branch out into the various paths of social media being a grumpy ol' recluse most of the time but it is where the younger crowd spends their time. I would like to get some more traffic on the Facebook page but if it picks up much, it may be worth looking into the twitter, instagram, etc.. sites. I don't know the info and requirements that made up the dyno days but I do know that is a big hit with the younger crowds if it could be brought to life again. The 208CoalRollers group on Facebook has a very good following of the younger crowd and I see mention quite often of wanting dyno events. Funny part of that group is there aren't many GtGs. That is a bonus we have in my opinion.
  7. A new injector seller?

    Kinda figured with a website like that. Can't even figure out how I stumbled upon the page. Without searching for it directly, I have a helluva time even coming up with it as a result.
  8. Anyone know anything about this guy and his injectors, he is in northern Idaho. http://www.dieselinjectionrx.com/?gclid=CN676vT8i9MCFc1bfgodX_0CdQ
  9. Roof repairs in progress

    I didn't end up using Eternabond since they didn't have anything that fit what I was trying to do specifically. The putty on the underside of the skylight cover is mainly just a gap filler/sealant to keep the surfaces mated flush and provide an initial seal. I'm not a fan of applying a bulky tape type sealant on external surfaces. My roof is a great example of how well that works. The Dicor self leveling sealant (final seal) on the edges and over the screw heads seems to be curing beautifully. Application is easy and it settles right into any crack or crevice. It sets up fairly quickly and seems to harden just enough to keep from being pushed around or scuffed but still maintain flexibility. I'm impressed so far but only time will tell. The Dicor bonding adhesive paste (looks like Elmers) that I used is just meant for sticking the epdm roof to the wood/wood to the foam and will stay tacky. It isn't the Eternabond putty or caulking. I put it on a small area (6"x6") as a test to see if it would remove the warping on the wood and be just enough to keep it from separating yet stay flexible. It has just enough moisture to level the warping where its applied. Its just not enough surface area yet. Like trying to glue two 2x4x8s together with one quarter sized dot of wood glue. It would work great if I had enough weighted material to do the entire patch all at once. Currently the area next to my test spot is still warped and is constantly pushing the two surfaces away from each other once I remove the weight and the heat softens it a tad. It just needs to be enough adhesion to prevent the roof surface from lifting in the wind at speed. I'll revisit later and just work on getting the wood flattened out. Once that is done it wont take much to join everything back together. I may just end up using a standard wood glue or epoxy since it really shouldn't need much flexibility but I'd rather stick with the flexible stuff as to keep things from cracking or breaking if possible.
  10. Roof repairs in progress

    Next time will be quick. I've had practice.
  11. Roof repairs in progress

    Cure time and heat are not working in my favor at all. I've sealed it for now and will have to remove it all and revisit at a later date. .The heat is keeping things too soft for way too long. Its looking as though we may only get one trip in this year anyway. Work seems to have other plans for us. At least the rework is looking much better than the factory seal.
  12. 19th. Tis up on the FB page as well!
  13. Roof repairs in progress

    The repair seems to be working great and the ripples in the board are flattening out nicely. Unfortunately the cure time is going to be much longer than I'd hoped even with the near 100 deg days. The rubber roof only gives one route for moisture to escape and I can only open it up so much for circulation without pulling the wood sections apart again.
  14. Roof repairs in progress

    The shell is cleaned up and sitting in the garage. Still need to scuff the sealing surface so it can adhere better. Something they didn't bother with at the factory. I have the Dicor self leveling sealant but still need to pick up some Eternabond tomorrow.
  15. Roof repairs in progress

    Picture looks worse than it is.