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  1. IdahoCowboy71

    New Dodge

    Yeah I agree Muddy, would be nice to see a U.S. company owning Dodge. I would hate to see them drop the Cummins, or do something real radical, they build a pretty darn good truck right now.
  2. IdahoCowboy71

    New Dodge

    So, what is everyones opinion on hte sale of Chrysler to a private company. Think they will keep the Cummins? Has anyone heard anything? Just saw the news of the sale in the paper.
  3. IdahoCowboy71

    Getting better

    I had a 2000 Dodge Cummins, Loved it, had it bombed, just didn't love the payments. I would get 19-20 with it if I could keep my foot out of it. Miss hte truck , just not the payments. Thats why I went to older truck. Now when I ge tthe 79 F250 done with a cummins in it, I'll really be happy. Nice to see diesel is less than gas again too.
  4. IdahoCowboy71

    Getting better

    Thanks guys, it is a work in progress. Hoping after the turbo I can get it over 20mpg.
  5. IdahoCowboy71


    Was taking some night photos of the old truck with all my new lights and wasn't steady enough. Thought they were pretty cool tho and worth sharing
  6. IdahoCowboy71

    Getting better

    Well after weeks of playing with my DVOM meter and taking readings from my glow plugs, I think I have found the optimum timing and fuel delivery setting on the 7.3 IDI. I went to Blackfoot for the weekend and averaged 19.7666 miles per gallon. Plenty of power, very light black smoke with my foot buried in it. I guess it is running pretty efficient. Now for a new turbo setup and I will be happy as a pig is sh%t.
  7. IdahoCowboy71

    look what i did

    Hey Brian, The door that has power window is blue and silver I believe. There is another that is manual, but I am not sure what color it is. I can check tomorrow. Is yours power or manual windows? I know either will work, but is pain to take everything out of one and put it in the other. I want to come, not sure yet tho. I am headed up to Lewiston this Friday for the weekend, so If I don't spend all my I am coming up for the dyno day. I would like to meet everyone.
  8. IdahoCowboy71

    look what i did

    Are you still looking for a door? Let me know if you are. Larry
  9. IdahoCowboy71

    My Lawn mower needs this engine!!!!

    6.09 cubic inches. and 6+hp at 9000 rpm for the naturally aspirated
  10. IdahoCowboy71

    My Lawn mower needs this engine!!!!

    http://www.conleyprecision.com/movie.mpg This guy builds mini V-8's and has one in a mini cobra chassis, remote controlled, how fun would that thing be.
  11. IdahoCowboy71

    the original chevy diesel

    This is pretty cool This one just makes me ask WHY????
  12. IdahoCowboy71

    Think I got a good deal?

    ROFLMAO That is sure enough a redneck setup if I ever seen one. I love the 4x4 from the reciver hitch to hold the tailgate up
  13. IdahoCowboy71

    Led Cab Lights

    Just got my LED Ford style cab lights from the FEdX gal. Woohooo can't wait to go get them installed. If any one wants LED cab lights or kits look at http://www.buyautotruckaccessories.com They have Ford Dodge and Chevy style in LED
  14. IdahoCowboy71

    New Ford Guy From Twin Falls

    Glad to see more people from the Twin area.
  15. IdahoCowboy71

    Howdy All

    I appreciate the warm welcome, and hope to meet yall sometime.