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  1. WTB: '06-'07 Ram Headlights

    Hey there millco. I got some other headlights finally and am not using the projectors anymore. If you're still interested, I'm sure we could work something out. Just let me know. Thanks
  2. WTB: '06-'07 Ram Headlights

    I'm looking for a set of factory headlights for an '06-'07 Ram. I currently have projectors and am not really liking them. If you have a set laying around let me know and maybe we could work something out. Thanks.
  3. what do you do??????????/\

    I'm a roughneck out on the oil rigs in Wyoming
  4. S.E. Dinner Meeting

    Doesn't matter to me, either.
  5. S.E. Dinner Meeting March 12th

    I'll be there
  6. I'm still in TX for the next two weeks. Sorry I couldn't make this one. For sure next month.
  7. I'm down in Texas working:wall: , but I hope to make it in Feb. In the mean time have fun.
  8. Jessie the Buddhist Spammer on IDB.

    Just got the Buddah message. Had no idea what was going on.
  9. It was nice to finally make it to one and hopefully i'm not working this time next month.
  10. Valve lash adjust

    Hey I know that 8 and 18 is supposed to make the throttle a touch snappier. I never could really tell a diff. but that is what we all run and it seems to work fine.
  11. Last night was a good time. Great turnout and met some new people. It turns out that both Kelly and Ryan's trucks are dead even. Hopefully we get an even better turnout at the next one.
  12. What does your screen name mean??

    Yeah, Mine's better left to the imagination.
  13. Welcome and see you around