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  1. New guy

    welcome to the site!
  2. Racecar Pics

    thank god for lexan
  3. Stock Duramax hits 516 HP

    conrats randy sounds like you got what you were looking for!!! good hangin and shootin the s$$t with you guys today!
  4. Another new member....

    welcome to the site and as said GO:ford
  5. Hello from Highland

    welcome to the site. sit back with a cold one and enjoy the place...Nice truck gotta love the monster chevs!
  6. howdy howdy

    no one braggin on bling here or the bad A schucks bolt ons that are meant for hondas!!!! Anywho welcome aboard!
  7. Hello

    Welcome aboard good to have another ford fan here!!!
  8. Cade Customs Grand Opening Pictures

    i got some buddies in severed ties but that dually is sick!!!
  9. Cade Customs Grand Opening Pictures

    was that your bros. dually?
  10. Nampa Newbie

    great to have another ferd around!!!
  11. new guy from utah

    Welcome aboard...great people and lots of help here!!!
  12. new to bombers

    this wouldnt happen to be my cousin would it......welcome aboard nathan:thumbup:
  13. thanx for all the hard work and dedication to the site........a lot of things get overlooked and taken for granted on how much work goes into these sites! So congrats and thanks YMMOT
  14. which cummins and why (and where?)

    true forgot the ally!!!!