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  1. Blackfire

    Spring ATV / UTV rides?

    I was part of a group in Spokane, WA, that would have monthly get-togethers and form basically a biker gang-style ride...Only diesel was allowed, anywhere from the Jetta Diesel to the International bobtail with a 500 Red Top. used to cruise around, and if ever stopped at a stop light, it was hard to breathe. Being a group here, and spread out so much, might be harder. but possible., I am in Carey. Let me know...
  2. Blackfire

    12-valve rumblewagon

    So. 1991 Dodge D250. 12-valve goodness.855k-ish miles. runs like a top when running. Since October 2014, the truck died several times. I would empty the water fuel separator, prime it, and it would start again. Would run for about two weeks then same issue, in early April 2016, it died and would not restart. Towed to mechanic in South Bellevue. Mechanic said that it was leaking around the lift pump and the injector pump cavitated. Sent injector pump to SLC for a rebuild. New lift pump installed. Rebuilt injector pump installed. Given clean bill of health for $1800...home is 26 miles away in Carey. was powering up Queens Crown pass (12% grade for 1.5 miles, one small curve) going 65 mph, and the engine lost all power, turbo wound down. I pulled foot off floor board and reapplied power...engine powered up and continued up the grade, it "died" again 2x before going up over pass. Parked in front of house. Next morning, it didn't start right away. Got it started and went to work...made it to Hailey, and stopped at red light...engine coughed a couple times when foot pushed pedal. 300 yards later it died. It made it 68 miles on the clean bill of health. Towed via the scenic river road to Bellevue mechanic. Mechanic said it was a loose connection on the fuel shutoff solenoid. (last replaced in 2010) was given clean bill of health, and headed to Carey. 17 miles later it died again. Then starter went out. Looking at starter, I saw marks where it had been beat on recently. Called mechanic and he said " yah, we beat on the starter this morning to get solenoid to engage. you should be ok. oh, btw, your starter is going out." Towed back to Carey (pretty well done with mechanic at this point) took out starter and there is a crack on the solenoid from beating it. The starter was replaced 20 May 2011 last time. lifetime warranty. Said mechanic wants $850 to pull out starter, buy another one and install it....hmmm, I took off the two wires, and three mounting bolts. Starter is on flatbed. I will probably get a fuel shutoff solenoid when I get the starter in Hailey. At this point it is not running. Starter is bad, crack in solenoid. No idea why engine wont run. Battery is an industrial combine battery and holds 13.6 vDC when starting. I understand that these olde engines are easy to work on, and it has not been modified from stock...at least the engine is stock... So, if any of you out there are willing to give suggestions, please let me know. The blue truck is parked out in front of my house in Carey. Its currently raining. About ready to head to Hailey for the starter to get warranted out. Millco was the one who referred me to this site. Cordially, Blackfire