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  1. 1998 2500 5.9L, No Crank, No Start

    How does one check this? Peter L
  2. 1998 2500 5.9L, No Crank, No Start

    Not quite so fast, Now for some reason I am not getting fuel to the fuel rail... Any Ideas there? Peter L
  3. 1998 2500 5.9L, No Crank, No Start

    Yes jumping the starter terminals only produced cranking! No starting even with the ignition switch in the on position. Peter L
  4. Ok first post is a My truck wont start... please help post.So 1998 2500 with the 5.9L Cummins. Yesterday as I got in I noticed the airbag warning and ABS lights were on as I started the motor. Thinking it odd I shut down the motor and attempted restart hoping to clear the warning lights as I had never seen them on before. Then the engine failed to start. When the ignition key is turned from the on position to the start position there is a loud click heard from the left side of the engine compartment and the motor DOES NOT CRANK. The click will only be heard once and it takes shutting the ignition switch off and then attempting to restart to hear it again. In addition my blower switch does not work.Things I have done so far.1. Cleaned all the battery connections and recharged the batteries.2. Jumped the starter and the starter does crank. With the ignition switch in the on position the engine will not start when jumped.3. Swaped the trailer relay and starter relay. This produced one engine start ONLY and now we are back to the original symptoms...4. Replaced all the Multi use relays with new. Still same symptoms. Ok where do I go from here?Peter L