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  1. fuze24v

    Applied Turbo!! NEED GONE

    i was finally able to upload some pics, !!
  2. fuze24v

    Applied Turbo!! NEED GONE

    Hey yall, sorry about not posting pics, just got off a 16/10 night shifts and they whooped my butt, for some reason i ant post any pictures, but here is the specs from the site, if any one is interested, ill give yall my cell # so i can text pics. Thanks!! The Applied Performance Products upgraded direct-bolt-on turbo is constructed of extremely high quality A-356 aluminum. We use a ported-shroud style compressor housing and a lightweight, high strength alloy, BILLET CNC compressor wheel that all work together to eliminate annoying turbo bark and compressor surge. This turbo utilizes factory mounting points and retains the factory air control valve for a safe and hassle-free installation. The turbo is equipped with a 59mm inducer and an 80mm exducer which, when combined with the lightweight billet CNC wheel, results in reduced turbo lag and maximum performance and power. These performance upgrade turbos are equipped with a billet aluminum heavy duty adjustable wastegate actuator pre-set at 36psig. The wastegate actuator is a quick-adjust design which eliminates the need to disconnect the actuator from the wastegate valve. New gaskets and hardware are included for a no-leak install. To keep the bark and surge issues under control we have designed this turbo from the groud up to take advantage of the lighter, stronger, billet CNC compressor wheel. For trouble-free operation, the traditional turbine oil seal has been replaced with a step-gap oil seal to minimize oil-burning and build-up on the turbine wheel. Our turbos out-perform the competition with faster spooling, lower EGT's, Higher Max HP Supported, a Step-Gap Oil Seal, a Billet CNC Compressor Wheel with Extended Tip Technology manufacturerd for us by Kawasaki, and much tighter quality control... and no nagging Bark/Surge problem! Features Billet CNC Compressor Wheel Extended Tip Compressor Wheel Technology Step Gap Oil Seal on Turbine Side Quick-Set Wastegate Actuator Secifications Compressor Inducer - 59mm Compressor Exducer - 80mm Exhaust A/R - 0.84 Adjustable Wastegate Pre-Set - 36 psig Genuine Kawasaki Compessor Wheel Extended Tip Compressor Wheel Manufactured by Applied Performance Products USA Benefits Direct Replacement for OE Turbocharger Reduced EGT's Spools Faster than OE Turbo ya my cell # and text you the pictures
  3. fuze24v

    Applied Turbo!! NEED GONE

  4. fuze24v

    Applied Turbo!! NEED GONE

    hey thanks, glad to be apart of the club!
  5. fuze24v

    Applied Turbo!! NEED GONE

    Getting rid of it, decided to go with something else for my 5.9 Build. Only has about a 150 miles on it, then went right back into the box, Asking $1,100. Stock-Replacement Turbo for 94-02 Dodge Ram 5.9 Need it gone so i can get some other goodies!!