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  1. Rokko100

    1985 Dodge D50 Power Ram

    Hi Guys: New to the forum. Just picked up an 85 Dodge Power Ram 50 with the 2.3 L Turbo Diesel. As I go through and start the restoration, was wondering if you could tell me how much oil these motors take on an oil change? I put in 1 gallon of Rotella 15-40 and it didn't even register on the dipstick? I used a NAPA 1182 replacement filter, that took three days to figure out as so many sites were wrong in regard to what fits what. This truck has been a trip to work on! Drove it back from Florida, where I bought it with no brakes and absolutely no boost from the turbo from Washington D.C to Philly. Guy never mentioned that in the Ebay add! Imagine that. When we got it home, blew out the turbo, and I had brakes! Hard to believe I had boost though after driving after although I was able to get it to 55-65 this time as opposed to driving it initially 217 miles with a frozen turbo and a top speed of 50mph from D.C. to Philly. If any of you have experience with this truck, would love to hear your thoughts. I will try to post some pictures of it. Then I will tell you what I paid for it after this character said he did all these things to the truck prior to the sale.