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    2006 dirtymax trans problem

    Oh ok i appreciate that but one small problem im a rookie when it comes to these forums . so i dont know how to do much. Would any one like to inform me on how to do some kind of private message
  2. 06jeremy

    2006 dirtymax trans problem

    Any kind of adeas from any one or any learning lessons. Maby i can learn from things you have learned or where a good trans shop around here to rebuild it
  3. 06jeremy

    2006 dirtymax trans problem

    There is a lot of shinny stuff when i was on thr sife of the road and pulled the cooler line off to see if there was any flow through the stock cooler system and i put a pan under it and thats when i seen the junk but i figured i had better chances praying for the best and try to drive it to my destination and not drive it any more than needed. I dont wana waste my yime and money flushing it i seen sum brass in there . i do wana put a bigger pan ill be pulling around a 40 ish foot toy hauler after im done buying a house and find a used toy hauler and i dont wana have issues that vould have been prevented and would like some heads up on different ideas . like different converters. Cryo. Electronics. And other internal upgrades. Thamks a bunch guys
  4. 06jeremy

    2006 dirtymax trans problem

    Well hi to every one im new here and i would love some help On my way to idaho from california i had a fuel issue i think i got it figured out but my transmission wont let me find out. First off the trans has a flow problem through the cooler and there is a lot of tradh cruzing through there . i want to go through it and have a nice reliable unit. I also was woundering what every one thinks about bypassing the cooler in the radiator and only having a nice aftermarket cooler only and maby if i save enough lunch money a nice pan for it to any help is apreciated thanks.